Battery park (battery park) on a map of the attractions of new york (usa)


Battery Park - An unusual park in New York, USA, which is surely visited by every tourist who arrives in this city.

The name of the park is given in honor of the artillery battery that protected New York from the enemy from the sea. The oldest urban resting place, founded in 1785, is filled with a variety of attractions. A Sphere is set here, looking like a crumpled ball. This is another reminder of the September 11 attack. Among the large monuments that embody the courage of the soldiers of America are the Memorial, created in honor of the soldiers who died during the Korean War, the monument to Erickson, who created the "Monitor" - the famous battleship. Here you can see a plate cast in bronze, Admiral Dewey - heroically fighting in the Gulf of Manila.

But the main interesting place of the park can be called a fairly vast farm, created as a reminder of the quiet and measured village life. She makes a shocking impression, standing out among the skyscrapers. On this farm, students grow more than 80 types of various crops. Schools are assigned their allotment, which they process.

The Museum of Jewish Heritage, created as a modern information center, is also curious. Here, from the hidden speakers of foreign speakers, the voices of immigrants are heard, leading the story of moving to America and the Holocaust. In the Park you can see an old fort, never used for its intended purpose and a stele with a flagpole, which was installed in memory of 23 Jews who arrived in Manhattan in 1654. Fleeing the persecution, they underwent many difficulties until they persuaded the pirates who captured them to land on the first piece of land.

Another interesting attraction in Battery Park was an unusual carousel, built of glass and metal. Luminous fish swim inside her, creating an exciting picture. Visitors can ride these fish. It is interesting that the fish swim with stops, during which they begin to spin strongly, enthralling the guests of the park.

Well, the main purpose for which tourists arrive in this park is the pier, where ferries depart for the most famous landmark of New York - the Statue of Liberty.

You can get to this amazing park by subway to Bowling Green Station.

Battery Park

Everyone who comes to New York can not go for a walk in Battery Park. What is remarkable about this park area? What facts of history are hidden among the dense trees and magnificent monuments?

Battery Park is named after the artillery that defended New York from the sea from enemies. This park is the oldest place in the city, full of monuments and cultural attractions of the United States.

In addition, Battery Park is one of the largest in size in America. 10 hectares of clean parkland are located in the south of New York. On the south side, the park is washed by waters from New York Bay. To the north is Battery Place.

This is the starting point for sending ferries to the famous American islands - Ellis Island, Governors Island and Staten Island.

What will the park be remembered in the first place?

Battery Park is located in one of the most expensive and promising areas of New York. Every day you can meet hundreds of bankers and office workers who want to take a walk through the beautiful park area at lunchtime.

The main "shocking" attraction of the park is the vast farm. This reminder of the simple village life against the background of office buildings and skyscrapers makes a lasting impression.

On the farm, schoolchildren of adjacent educational institutions grow more than 80 types of different crops. Each school has its own plot of land for which students take care.

More than 5 million tourists from around the world come to Battery Park every year. This is a unique place that shows both the working days of New York and the military history of America. Moreover, the park is one of the few places in the bustling New York where every guest feels unity with nature.

Photo and description

Battery Park is the oldest place in New York, from where the city began. This is a surprisingly beautiful, well-groomed and attractive green area at the southern tip of Manhattan, saturated with a variety of monuments.

As you might guess, the park is named after the artillery batteries that once stood here, protecting the city from the sea. Since the 17th century, there was Fort Amsterdam built by the Dutch there - under the protection of its walls in 1625, whites bought Manhattan from the Indians for 60 guilders. This event is reminiscent of a flagpole towering above a granite pedestal - an Indian leader in feathers and a European in a camisole carving a deal are carved on it.

Clinton Castle, built in 1811 on the threshold of the American-British War, became the heir to the fort. His guns never shot at the enemy, and in 1855 the castle became a center for the reception of immigrants. Eight million people set foot here for the first time on the land of America, until in 1890 the government transferred the reception of immigrants to Ellis Island. Then the New York aquarium was housed in the castle, but in 1941, because of the construction of the Lower Manhattan-Brooklyn tunnel (it passes under the park), he was evicted. Now the castle has been restored, its historical appearance has been restored, and the old cannons have returned.

In the northern part of the park you can see the "Sphere" of the German sculptor Fritz Koenig - a crumpled, torn ball. The sculpture stood on the square between the two towers of the World Trade Center and received these injuries on September 11, 2001. Koenig intentionally did not correct them - this is the memory of the blow inflicted on the city.

There are several war memorials in the park: Korean war veterans who died during World War II merchant ships, military personnel who fell off the Atlantic coast of the United States, and sailors of Norwegian military and merchant ships. Here is a monument to the creator of the famous battleship “Monitor” John Ericsson and a memorial plate to Admiral George Dewey, the winner of the battle in Manila Bay.

The marina is adjacent to the pier of a free ferry, departing regularly to Staten Island. From the park itself, you can also take a ferry to Liberty Island, the island on which the famous Statue of Liberty stands. It is perfectly visible from the benches standing on the promenade.

Since Battery Park is located in one of the most expensive areas of the city with numerous offices, white collars are poured here at lunchtime to eat your lunch in the fresh air. On the embankment - a lot of amateur fishermen, mothers with prams are walking around, yachts carry their white sails along the bay. An unusual attraction of the park is the city farm, where 80 types of fruits and vegetables are grown. Students and schoolchildren work here. A real farm, located against a background of skyscrapers, makes an incredible impression.