Phuket Oceanarium - which is rather a dull aquarium


Almost thirty years have passed since the foundation of the aquarium in Phuket. It was originally created for environmental research under the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources. But after modernization in 2005, this place began to gain popularity among tourists and local residents.

The huge glass vault of the aquarium, several tens of meters long, creates the feeling of being on the ocean floor. Such a variety of species, shapes and colors of marine inhabitants floats above visitors that their eyes just run wide, it seems that they can be touched, just give a hand.

The tunnel is divided into several sections, in one of these there is a real coral reef, the fish that inhabit it live their full, fussy life. The riot of exotic colors pleases the eye and causes delight. All color schemes that exist are presented here: bright blue, red, dazzling yellow, green, black and others. Here, and fish - clowns, seahorses, fish - angels and fish - butterflies and many others.

In the neighboring sections, predatory sharks, piranhas and stingrays, electric eels, sea turtles swim, in the aquarium they all feel like in their native habitat. You can view and listen to all the information on an interactive display, tours are conducted in Thai and English, from them you can find out interesting facts about all 150 species of animals and fish represented here, especially their structure, nutrition and habitat.

On weekends, real shows are held at the aquarium. Brave scuba divers - local workers, immerse themselves in the aquarium and feed it from the hands of sharks and other inhabitants of the aquarium, enthralling visitors.

Due to its small size, you can bypass the tunnel slowly in 15-20 minutes, so the main guests of the aquarium are families with children. The oceanarium building is located in the southeastern part of the island, at Cape Panwa. After the tour, you can regain your strength in a cafe with a beautiful view of the coast and make purchases in the gift shop.

It is impossible to say that the oceanarium takes the first place among the attractions of Phuket, but if you have free time, and especially if you are with children, then this place is definitely worth a visit. You should not expect too much from him, especially if you have already been to large aquariums before.

At the exit of the aquarium there is a cafe and a souvenir shop. In general, it takes only 1 hour to visit the aquarium without taking into account the road.

🚶 How to get there: The aquarium is located in the southern part of the island at the tip of Cape Panwa. It is most convenient to get there by rented transport or taxi, there are also organized excursions there. Phuket aquarium position on map.

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: 100 baht (see Thai currency exchange rate) adult ticket, 50 baht for children. Children up to 108 centimeters and people over 60 years old admission is free.

🕐 working time: daily from 8:30 to 16:30, tickets are sold until 16:00. Shark feeding can be seen on Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 to 11:30.

🕒 October 17, 2019

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Phuket Aquarium

From the Phuket Aquarium, as well as from the Phuket Zoo, you should not expect anything special. And the reviews about him, as a rule, are not very good, and I personally understand why. The aquarium itself was made with high quality, civil, modern, all the rooms and interior details are backlit, nothing is broken anywhere, there are cool fish and some pretty interesting samples come across, in general - there is something to see. But he is very small! That is, in fact - this is one floor and you can go through it well, from the strength of about twenty minutes.

If you set a goal and read all the inscriptions, look at and photograph each presented copy for several minutes, then it will take minutes ... well, forty, no more. In my opinion, the Phuket Aquarium is a sight that is better to watch “along the way”, that is, quickly jumped in, looked and went to look for really interesting places.

Entrance to the aquarium, of course, is inexpensive, but still for the attraction there are not enough admiration items. For me, it was possible to do everything here somehow more interesting and to catch more animals, since the sea is at hand. When comparing, I immediately recall the aquarium in Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur, which are really huge, take a very long time and there are a lot of things, but here - like a cat wept. Probably, if you had already visited the Phuket Zoo, where there is a small aquarium, then there is no sense in going here. It is clearly better than at the zoo, but not to the extent that you pay for a ticket - you will not see anything fundamentally new here.

Entrance to Phuket Aquarium

Near the entrance you can touch starfish.

Phuket Aquarium

Indoors, pleasant music plays, there is a cinema hall where films are shown in Thai with English subtitles. The animated mermaid is commenting on something there, everything is cool, but foreign children will obviously not read the subtitles, especially non-English children.

In general, this whole place looks more like a scientific institution than a tourist attraction, which most likely is. It is possible that the aquarium is an additional project of the marine research center to adjust the financial situation.

Phuket Aquarium, inside view

In the Aquarium there is a "type of underwater tunnel" - a glass pipe, but this tunnel is only five meters long. At the same time, they pushed there, for some reason, a travelator, as if these five meters were something irresistible for a tourist.

I suspect that this was done so that the people would not crowd and create traffic jams during the peak days of visits, which is understandable - the traffic here is quite high and people get quite dofig. And it’s okay with all this, but - under the water there is nobody. I saw neither the promised ramps, nor the fierce sharks, traveling at space speed through a five-meter tunnel. The most interesting thing I managed to make out there was a turtle and some fish trifle. I don’t know, maybe I was just out of luck and had some hours of sleep or feeding, but the fact remains - there was no life in the water.

All I could see in the tunnel

Along the path to the pool with turtles

The exit from the attraction is organized through a souvenir shop, and if after the gift shop you don’t immediately go out and turn left from the glass door, there will be something a la “natural trail” with different plants. Equipped for pedestrians, a path along the sea with creepy posters with a tortoiseshell dissection and various signatures such as “trash kills turtles”.

After about 150 meters at the end of the path you will find a pool with turtles, it will be right after the pier. And now it’s worth seeing because the pool is open, and huge tortoises of half a meter length swim at arm's length. I would say that I liked these turtles more than the rest of the aquarium. Moreover, you can watch this pool for free - it is marked on my map.

This is what the pool looks like outside

Cape Panwa Embankment

If you find yourself in an aquarium, then it will not be superfluous to walk along the promenade. The beach is so-so, but the place is pleasant, atmospheric. Plus there are cafes.

If you look at the promenade from the pool with turtles

Information to visit

Entrance fee - 180 baht per person, child - 100 baht.

Opening hours of Phuket Aquarium: from 8-30 to 16-30, but the ticket office closes at 16 o’clock, so you should not be late. At 11 o’clock feeding the inhabitants, which was called the feeding show. Every half hour in the cinema hall they start to twist the tape about the fish. There is a fish spa of 150 baht in 20 minutes. I recommend coming here closer to closing, as you just have time to slowly inspect everything, without a crowd. Although it may, on the contrary, it is worth focusing on the time of feeding, it may be more interesting.

Before entering the aquarium there are several good cafes where you can see the sunset. From a nearby pier, you can rent a longtail to neighboring satellite islands.

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Balloons with formaldehyde and marine reptiles used to show off in the Bangkok oceanarium ... apparently then they were transported here.

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General information

The oceanarium, and if right, the Aquarium Phuket was opened in 1983 as an object of the Thai Ministry of the Environment, and in 2005 this building was rebuilt, redesigned and opened to the public (most likely, against the backdrop of great interest from side of foreign tourists to the kingdom of Thailand it looked like a great investment).

In fact, it turned out another unnecessary project that vacationers visit only thanks to the quality work of travel agents who colorfully describe the "unimaginable" beauty of this place.

If you have already managed to visit a local zoo, there is no point in spending, albeit small, but money and time on visiting the Phuket Aquarium, you will not see anything new there. If you still have not been able to visit either the zoo or the aquarium, you can drop by for half an hour and then drive through to check the box.

The oceanarium in Phuket is a one-story building of a small size, where about 150 species of marine inhabitants are collected.
There are several halls equipped, including:

  • coral reef (made in full size and the fish do not understand that they are in captivity),
  • habitat of deep sea fish,
  • a tunnel aquarium (it takes only five meters and it’s not a fact that during the passage through the tunnel you will be able to see someone, there is a possibility that there will be no fish, we don’t know the reason),
  • a cinema hall (here in Thai they talk about the depths of the sea),
  • a pool with turtles (located outside the main building, after exiting it is necessary to turn left from the glass door, where this pool will be).

By the way, before reaching the pool, tourists have to overcome a park dedicated to preserving the ecology and the impact of its disturbances on the wildlife, in particular, on turtles, a sight still to tell you. In the same place, not far from the pool, an oceanographic vessel belonging to the aquarium is parked, it conducts research and fishing for further study.

In addition, along the perimeter of the aquarium there will be special stands on which figures of fish and other inhabitants of the underwater world are installed. There are several animated characters, including a little mermaid who tells something, but it's almost impossible to understand.

Recently, the Phuket Aquarium has included staff feeding large fish in the program, and if you are lucky, you can get to this action. For example, on weekends, feeding is carried out from 11 hours. At this time, there is a chance to see how the shark eats in a confined space (perhaps this is the most exciting action).

Within the walls of this building, not only representatives of the Andaman Sea are collected, there are several fish from other regions, for example: piranhas, arapayma, etc.

On the territory of the aquarium you can take photos and videos, however, to make a good shot is quite difficult, no matter how many try to photograph the turtle, it was too dark (although it may be in the hands). It is forbidden to use the flash, as this scares the fish.

Bottom line, the aquarium is very small and it’s unlikely to be here for more than 40 minutes (this is taking into account a careful study of not only the inhabitants, but also the plates in English).

Of the minuses, it is possible to note the presence of only two languages ​​- Thai and English, children will definitely not read or listen to foreign speech.

It is difficult to miss the Phuket Oceanarium on the map below, and yet the address at the building is as follows:

Address: 51 Sakdidet., Wichit, Mueang, Phuket

Coordinates: 7.804040, 98.407706

How to get there

You will have to get to the aquarium with transfers if you plan to visit it yourself, since there is no direct connection with the aquarium.

So, a bus from Phuket Town will take you to the main entrance, but you will have to get to Phuket Town on your own.

The second option is to purchase an excursion at any travel agency, since the prices are not very different.

Ticket price, if you buy on the spot - 180 baht for adults and 100 baht for children. If the baby is below 105 cm, admission is free. You can also go for free, if you are over 60 years old, take a document with you to confirm your age.

Opening hours: from 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m., but after four hours you can’t buy tickets at the box office, as the building is gradually getting ready for closing.

At the entrance there are several cafes where you can relax after a walk through the aquarium and enjoy the local views.

As for the reviews of travelers, they are quite contradictory. For example, for those who have already managed to visit the Bangkok Aquarium, the aquarium near Rawai seems too small. Indeed, it is not worth comparing these two institutions (weight categories are not the same).

Those tourists who have never been to such an institution should see at least once.

All relevant information needs to be clarified on the aquarium's official website, as sometimes the working hours change, which the employee is required to inform local residents on his website.

Do not forget to share your impressions about the rest in the comments, they are needed for those who have not yet decided on the vacation destination.

Representatives of local fauna

The tunnel passes through several thematic zones. For example, one of the sections is completely devoted to the coral reef, created so skillfully that its inhabitants are not aware that they are objects of observation and study. You can see all the conflicts of underwater life in their natural nature. Most of all visitors are remembered for clown fish, replete with a variety of shapes and colors.But an inquisitive observer will be able to notice other, no less interesting animals - seahorses, moray eels, sea anemones, starfish and crustaceans.

The adjacent sections of the aquarium are home to the inhabitants of the deep sea and predators - there are several species of sharks, huge groupers, electric eels and sea turtles there. They all feel at home and lead a natural lifestyle. Interactive displays display detailed information about the underwater world off the coast of Thailand - structural features and life of any of the 150 species of animals and fish, and an audio guide. Unfortunately, the language is only English and Thai.

Recently, the Phuket Aquarium in Thailand has been pleasing visitors with interactive shows. They can see how employees of the aquarium, dressed in wetsuits, dive to the depths and feed from the hands of sharks, as well as other inhabitants. This action is very popular among both children and adults (read more about holidays in Phuket with children).

Married couples with children are very fond of visiting the Phuket Oceanarium, because excursions are not only interesting, but also not tiring - you can walk the entire tunnel in half an hour of an unhurried walk. And you can regain strength and share your impressions in a cafe located nearby. From his veranda offers a beautiful view of the coast. There is a gift shop nearby. Of course, this place cannot compete with more famous and large-scale institutions of this kind, for example, the Ocean World aquarium in Bangkok, but it is quite consistent with the scale of a not too big piece of land in the Andaman Sea.

Work schedule

It works every day, from 8:30 to 16:30. After four in the evening tickets are not sold. If you want to see the feeding of sharks, then come on Saturday and Sunday at 11:00. Do not forget to take a camera!

Map of the entire territory


The aquarium has 150 different species of marine and freshwater inhabitants: sharks (albeit small ones), stingrays, razor fish, eels, Nemo fish, arapaimes, cuttlefish, octopuses, sea turtles, stone fishes, piranha and others.

All the inhabitants live not just in aquariums with water - they created conditions close to their habitat: somewhere more sand, somewhere pebbles and coral reefs, somewhere more algae and other vegetation familiar to them.

The central part is a transparent 10-meter tunnel where you will see redfish, groupers, Napoleon fish, sharks.

After visiting the Aquarium, you can sit in a small cafe and buy souvenirs.

On Saturday and Sunday, from 11:00 to 11:30 scuba divers conduct an entertaining show - feeding stingrays and sharks.

In addition to the aquarium, the Phuket Marine Biological Center includes:

  • Nature Trail, where you can learn about the coastal environment, including animals and plants,
  • nursery (Aquaculture Nursery) - a breeding and nursing place for sick animals,
  • Turtle Pond (Andaman Turtle Ponds),
  • patrol research vessel (The Chakthong ThongyaI).

Near the Aquarium is Panva Beach. Although it’s not very suitable for swimming, here is a beautiful promenade where it’s nice to just sit and relax, enjoying the sea views. The place is calm, there are no tourists.

Our review of the Phuket Aquarium is not the most important attraction on the island, especially if you have already been to similar places in other resorts. The entire “exposition” can be easily viewed in half an hour. It may be interesting to children, but adults are unlikely to be very impressed.

In general, decide for yourself whether to spend time or not. In principle, tickets are inexpensive and the price is quite adequate to what is presented. In addition, the Phuket Aquarium is developing, plans to make audio guides in Russian, to expand the territory that will house an artificial waterfall, cave and cinema.