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Railway station in Voss

The train station in Voss is a small train station in a provincial town.

The railway line on which this station is located connects the main cities of Norway - Oslo and Bergen.

The station in Voss was opened in 1883, local trains and trains run through it.

The station building has two floors, a bright hall and a cozy waiting room. There are two landing platforms at this station.

On the forecourt there is a parking lot for 75 parking spaces for cars, as well as a small parking for bicycles.

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Famous residents

In the XIX and early XX centuries, from here, as from all of Western Norway, there was a massive emigration of the population, in particular, to the United States of America. In the United States there were many well-known immigrants from Voss. Among them are sheriffs, presidents of the Supreme Court, senators, publishers, writers and football players.

There are many Olympic champions here:

  • Qualfoss, Eirik - 1984 (biathlon, sprint)
  • Sheldal, Kristen - 1992 (skiing)
  • Troy, Kari - 2002 (freestyle)
  • Yelland, Egil - 2002 (biathlon)
  • Bustel, Lars - 2006 (ski jumping)

Altogether, Voss athletes won 6 gold medals, 5 silver medals and 7 bronze medals at the Winter Olympics.