Disneyland Paris


The Disney Village, formerly known as the Disney Festival, with its shops, restaurants, nightclubs, and the Gaumont Cinema, showing films in 4D format, is an autonomous part of Disneyland. It remains open even after Disney's entertainment parks close. There is no charge for access to its territory.

The main entrance to DisneyVillage is near the train station and Walt Disney Studio Park. The only avenue of the Disney village abuts against a lake located next to the New York Hotel. Behind the lake, where visitors ride water bikes and boats, there are 4 more Disney hotels.

The building to house DisneyVillage in the form of a huge awning was designed by architect Frank Gehry. Initially, there was supposed to be an entertainment center. A grid was stretched over the whole territory, which imitated the starry sky. Now it has been removed and replaced with balloons.

In the five entertainment areas of Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios, only themed restaurants are open, which is explained by the concept of this amusement park. Disney Village has food service establishments from around the world, such as McDonalds, Earl of Sandwich, Five Guys and Planet Hollywood.

Lunch in the Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Dinner Show will be remembered for a long time. This is not so much a cafe as an arena for spectacular shows featuring cowboys and Indians. During performances, the viewer can have a hearty snack.

Another interesting attraction in the Disney village is called Panoramagique. This is a balloon that accommodates 30 passengers, who are lifted to a height of 100 meters.

There are large shops in Disney Village where you can, without haste, choose any souvenirs that are sold in the territory of neighboring theme parks.

Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris - An amusement park in France, which children from all over the world dream of getting into. It is located in the suburbs of the capital, in the city of Marne-la-Valais. Disneyland has been open since 1992 and has earned a reputation as a place to plunge into the atmosphere of your favorite cartoons. On an area of ​​almost two thousand hectares, there is a whole complex that includes two theme parks - Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park, the Disney Village entertainment area, a golf course, as well as a chain of hotels, shops, cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops.

Basic moments

Disneyland in Paris is a fabulous world where all visitors, regardless of age, return to their childhood for a short time! Moreover, a sense of magic arises from the first minutes of being in it, because even the central portal of Disneyland is a real French castle in pink colors, with decorations in the form of graceful turrets and funny figures. From it to the palace of Sleeping Beauty stretches the main street, which is an exact copy of the American provincial street of the early XX century and is called Main. Life is constantly boiling on it: in souvenir shops, trade is fast-moving, hamburgers are instantly sold out in eateries, country music sounds from cafes and restaurants!

Disneyland Parade
Sleeping Beauty Castle - one of the main symbols of Disneyland Paris

A solemn procession takes place daily at 12.00 and 22.00 on the pavement - a parade in which the most famous Walt Disney cartoon characters take part. There is also a narrow-gauge train station for exciting walks by rail in the vicinity of the entertainment complex. If you wish, you can move around the territory of Disneyland in a retro car or make boardwalks on horse-drawn carriages.

Disneyland Paris structure

Disneyland in Paris is divided into five parts, each of which has its own theme.

The smallest visitors will most likely like Fantasyland, where all the attractions are part of the plots of famous fairy tales. Looking into the Sleeping Beauty Castle, you can face the fire-breathing dragon nose to nose. A small bridge leads to the main entrance of the castle. And the sensible Alice will always lead out of the confused maze. If you feel like flying, you can do it with Peter Pan or the elephant Dumbo! Countless puppets, symbolizing the children of planet Earth, meet their guests in the Little World, and the artists of the Summer Theater entertain grateful spectators with a fun musical every day.

Young researchers, in order to show all the facets of their abilities, must visit the Adventureland. The indestructible craving for treasures can be satisfied on an island of adventure with numerous caves and grottoes or in a pavilion called "Caribbean Pirates", and the thirst for knowledge is easily quenched by going to visit Indiana Jones. The sprawling tree looks very lively here - on its branches the dwelling of the famous Robinson Crusoe is compactly located, and the eastern bazaar, along the lines of which live Aladdin roams, is distinguished by the specific flavor of Arabian tales.

The atmosphere of the wild West with a touch of risk and danger reigns in the Frontierland. This is a real paradise for extreme lovers! Turns on a steep roller coaster and a visit to a haunted house provide visitors with a decent dose of adrenaline rush into the blood. Restless kids can be entertained here by Native American games in the possession of Princess Pocahontas or reduced to a mini zoo. In this corner of Disneyland in Paris there are cozy cowboy saloons where you can enjoy delicious barbecue dishes.

If the imagination excites dreams of time travel or space adventures, you will have to look into the Country of Discovery (Discoveryland). The surroundings of the local attractions are impressive - these are fantastic pictures of the future, models of orbital stations, panoramic views of the underwater world, as well as watching movies with holographic and stereo effects. In this part of the complex you can get acquainted with new computer games, as well as visit the circus show "Mulan".

Fans of cinema will be interested in visiting the Walt Disney Studios Park. Here, for everyone, there is a real opportunity to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the film set, to learn the backstage secrets of the dream factory, to see how special effects are created and even to become a direct participant in the creative process. Walking along Hollywood Boulevard, you can purchase themed souvenirs and clothes with logos, get acquainted with the assortment of disks with Disney cartoons of different years, and look into the Barbie Museum.

Walt Disney Film Studio Park

The most memorable rides at Disneyland

"Indiana Jones and the Dangerous Castle." Growth requirements - 1.40 m. Excitable children and people of the hysterical type of such attractions should be avoided. “Dead loops”, dangerous bends, a shaking trolley (the feeling that it is about to break loose!), Bright, impressive scenery - an explosive mixture that really causes wild fear in a normal person. And yet the line of those who want to test their strength never runs dry!

Indiana Jones and the Dangerous Castle Space Mountain

"Cosmic Mountain". The growth requirements are 1.40 m. In this case, the illusion of flying into space at high speed is created. The quintessence of fear, delight and fantastic drive makes you visit it again and again!

"Peter Pan". Everything is like in a dream! Having flown out of the window of the hero’s bedroom, a flying ship whirls its passengers over London at night, completing the flight with an unforgettable turn in the direction of a bright star. To get the most pleasure and to be in the subject, you should pre-watch the Disney cartoon "Peter Pan".

Peter Pan Ship Haunted House

"House with the ghosts". You can safely go here with the whole family. If during the show there is a feeling of fear, then not for long. But the fascinating search for the missing groom in the company of an abandoned bride and funny ghosts will leave bright and positive memories.

"Alice's Labyrinth" - a fun, dynamic and full of pleasant surprises attraction. Tiny, inconspicuous doors in a continuous hedge, false turns, dead ends ... You have to show resourcefulness and ingenuity to get out of the fairy-tale maze!

Alice's Maze Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast

Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast. With the help of special effects and blasters, participants in the game save the Universe from the evil wizard. The attraction will appeal to energetic children and their parents with a well-developed imagination and a lot of unspent energy.

Features of the purchase of entrance tickets

The Disneyland administration in Paris provides for several varieties of entrance tickets, so before you visit there you should carefully consider the following nuances: how much time to spend visiting the park, the territorial scale of the proposed visit and the number of people. The following categories are available:

  • "1 day 1 park." It implies the possibility of visiting one of the two parks to choose from. This is either Disneyland Park or Walt Disney Studios Park, the ticket is designed for one daylight. The pricing policy is as follows: 56 euros (adult), 50 euros (children).
  • "1 day 2 park." With this document, the guest gets the opportunity to walk through the territory of both parks, but only for one day. Cost: 58 euros / 52 euros.
  • "2, 3, 4 or 5 day / 2 park." With this ticket you can repeatedly (respectively - 2, 3, 4, 5 days) and freely walk around the entertainment complex, slowly exploring its features and indulging in amusement rides. Two-day rate: 115 euros / 103 euros.
  • "FastPass" - the best choice for temperamental fidgets! This ticket with the exact time allows you to get on the rides, eliminating the need to stand in line. Its cost varies depending on the chosen entertainment.

How to get there

You can plan a trip to Disneyland Paris on any day, because he works seven days a week from 10.00 to 23.30. Having a personal or rented car in operation, you should develop your route along the A4 highway. From it there is a congress directly to Disneyland, the main thing is to be as attentive as possible on the track so as not to miss it. A budget and quite convenient option for a non-stop route will be a trip on the RER train (overground copy of the metro). Departure is expected from the center of Paris, on line A from the Opera station. It is enough to pay 6 euros and within 40 minutes to get to the terminal station Marne La Vallee Chessy. The main entrance to Disneyland is located almost immediately upon exiting the subway into the city. There is a direct bus service from Orly Airport. Ticket price - 15 euros for an adult and 10 euros for a child. The tariff is valid for one-way fares. But from Charles de Gaulle airport it is best to get on the TGV high-speed train, it takes about 10 minutes.

Adventureland Edit

You can also visit Robinson's refuge on the branches of a huge tree, an adventure island with labyrinths and a pirate depot, and watch the pirates attack the fortress. You can visit the Pirate ship

The most popular attractions of Adventure Country: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril (Indiana Jones and the Temple of Danger) Adventure isle (Adventure Island), tree house Swiss Family Robinson and Pirates of the caribbean. The latest attraction prompted the Walt Disney Studios media concern to create the famous Pirates of the Caribbean series of films, some of which were borrowed from the attraction. After the film was released, the attraction was updated and supplemented with some scenery from the film.

Frontierland (Border Country) Edit

With a roller coaster ride Big thunder mountain and the ghost house Phantom manor The spirit of the Wild West was transferred to the bordering country. Here you can ride on two ships in the style of Western, meet with cowboys and Indians, shoot in Rustler Roundup Shootin 'Gallery or visit a small zoo.

Famous Disney figures can be found on the playground Pocahontas' indian village, on the show Tarzan - The Show and Mickey’s Winter Wonderland.

Main Street USA Edit

The main street starts after entering Disneyland Park and consists mainly of shops and restaurants. The road leads to the castle of Sleeping Beauty, from where you can then get to the rest of the DLP. The street was built in the style of the American city of the late XIX - early XX centuries, while the architecture strongly resembles the architecture of the city of Marceline (Missouri), where Walt Disney grew up. Narrow-gauge trains with locomotives depart from the station along a circular track around the park. You can also visit the hairdresser in the same style.

The main attractions are Disneyland Railroad - Main Street Station (train station), Main street vehicles (oldtimers transporting visitors), Discovery Arcade and Liberty Arcade (walking passages). In addition, on the Main Road Disney parade (official Disney parade) FANTILLUSION! (night light parade) and Wishes (a shorter version of the most expensive and famous fireworks in the world, above the castle of Sleeping Beauty).

Discoveryland (Discovery Country) Edit

In the Land of Discoveries, visitors have the opportunity to see the fictitious future of Jules Verne. Since the opening of the park in 1992, this part of Disneyland has been deliberately created in the style of the future from the point of view of science fiction writers of the XIX century. In the center of the country of discoveries are a roller coaster Space mountainwhich by their decade (in 2005) have been updated and slightly modified. Now the attraction is called Space Mountain: Mission 2. Also, since 2005, in front of the attraction there is a show The legend of the lion king (Legend of the Lion King), which is a 30-minute musical.

Other rides in the Land of Discovery: Buzz lightyear laser blast (interactive Dark Ride), Star tours (flight simulator), Orbitron (missile carousel) and Autopia (go-kart track with gasoline vehicles).

Fantasyland Edit

Fantasy Land is designed primarily for young visitors. Attractions are adapted stories of popular fairy tales. The most famous Sleeping Beauty Castle in the center of the park. Under the castle is a dragon cave La taniere du dragon.

The attraction “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” tells the story of Snow White and contains elements of the “horror road”. Peter Pan’s Flight (Peter Pan’s flight) is a funicular where you can fly over the rooftops of London in the direction of Netinebud. Alice’s Curious Labyrinth is also located here. Pinocchio Travel tells the story of a liar boy, and while riding a boat you can watch the performance "Land of Fairy Tales" (French: Le Pays de Contes de Fées), compiled based on the fairy tales "Snow White", "Petya and the Wolf", "Aladdin", " The Little Mermaid "and others.

It’s a small world - An attraction with singing children of different nationalities. Each region of the planet is represented here.

Walt Disney Studios Park Edit

Since 2002, Disneyland has replenished with the park of Walt Disney Studios, adjacent to the DLP theme park and the quarter Disney village. In this part of Disneyland, visitors can peek behind the scenes. For example, during the Studio Tram Tour with some special effects. In the show Cinémagique excerpts from a love story can be seen. Show Moteurs ... Action!, on the contrary, acquaints viewers with stunt skills.

Aerosmith rock band immortalized in the park: a roller coaster ride was opened in honor of them Rock ’n’ Roller Coasterwhich are accompanied by the Aerosmith soundtrack. In 2006, this attraction displaced from the position of leader. Big thunder mountain, thus becoming the most visited attraction of Disneyland Paris.

To the 15th anniversary of Disneyland in 2007-2008, Walt Disney Studio Park got four new attractions. Opened in June 2007 Spinning Coaster Crush’s Coaster based on “Finding Nemo” and reminiscent of the shape of a tea cup, an attraction to the cartoon “Cars” by Pixar.

One of the main attractions of the park is the attraction "Hollywood Tower Hotel", which is visible a few kilometers from the park.In the high-speed elevator of this attraction, the creators send visitors directly to the Twilight Zone (Twilight Zone).

The park has several specialized cinemas - Cinemagic, Animagic and Art of Disney Animation.

Attraction Stich: live! in French or English allows in real time to talk with the character of the same name cartoon on a huge screen.

Disney Village Edit

Disney Village with the size of 20 football fields is positioned as a real "city", which is open even after the closure of other parts of Disneyland. Disney Village has many shops, restaurants, a disco and a cinema complex. In the surrounding area there is a bowling center, as well as its own covered parking lot. Three Disney branded stores offer almost all the souvenirs that can be purchased at Disneyland itself.

Disneyland story

The largest amusement center in Europe appeared in 1992 thanks to the director Walt Disney. The park was conceived as a place of family relaxation. At first it was received by visitors without much enthusiasm. After the installation of new attractions and a significant reduction in ticket prices, its popularity grew exponentially every year. Now the number of visitors to the fabulous city is more than 12 million annually.

The organizers of the park sought to create a unique project, fundamentally different from the American one. For this, the main emphasis was placed on the fabulousness of the surroundings, they even gave the little things a fleur of magic and an indescribable feeling of romance. The result was not long in coming; in 2011, revenue surpassed the line of $ 1 billion. 2012 was a jubilee year, the park turned 20 years old, the holiday was marked by a colorful parade, magnificent fireworks, an amazing night show.

Where is Disneyland located in France?

Disneyland Paris occupies 2 hectares and is located 32 km. from the capital. Since it is approximately equal to 1/5 of Paris over the territory, it was placed on the outskirts of Marne-la-Valais. For the French, this distance is considered to be small, you can get there by commuter train, bus, with an excursion group, rent a car or take a taxi.

A pink castle with numerous blue towers is already visible from afar. When looking at it, it becomes clear that no descriptions of Disneyland can convey all the excitement of a personal visit to this attraction of France.

Park structure and attractions

In fact, there are 2 large parts: old and new. The first is dedicated to fairy-tale characters, the second to Walt Disney studios. The organizers very accurately caught the dreams and hopes of visitors, dividing Disneyland Park into 5 thematic "countries." This helps to better navigate and determine preferences.

Disneyland Map in Paris

Fantasy land

Most characters familiar to children of any country live here. Entering the castle of Sleeping Beauty, they immediately meet the serious bearded gnomes and the friendly Snow White, the harsh dragon and the carefree Pinocchio. It is interesting to walk through the labyrinth with Alice and watch a performance based on famous fairy tales from the side of a pleasure boat, ride a carousel, a circus train, and become a spectator of a puppet show.

Wild West

It is dedicated to cowboys, Indians, chases and dueling. The main entertainments are:

  • House with the ghosts,
  • roller coaster,
  • Tarzan - show,
  • saloons
  • farms
  • mini zoo
  • Canoe boat rides in an Indian canoe.

Park Ticket Prices

The cost is affected by the age of the visitor, time of visit, place of acquisition, number of sectors where you want to get. Advantageous to purchase a combined ticket to enter both parks. It costs 80 € for an adult, 74 € for a child from 3 years. Until this age, children are free. The ticket gives the right to use any attractions an unlimited number of times, the time spent in the park is not regulated. To avoid queues, it is more convenient to purchase tickets in advance through the park’s website, at a travel agency, in stores with Disney goods, along with a travel document for a commuter train.

Important! The best time to visit the park is spring and autumn.

A day at Disneyland is like a fairy tale that suddenly revived before our eyes and briefly returned to childhood.