Milocer - Montenegrin resort


Montenegro has a large number of canyons, so it occupies the first place in Europe in their numbers. One of the most beautiful and largest is the canyon of the river, called Tara. This river made a valley in the rock, so that the height of the bank can reach one thousand three hundred meters, as well. read more

Praskvitsa Monastery

Praskvitsa Monastery was named after a small, babbling brook flowing close to it. From the water spreads the divine aroma of ripe peaches ("Praska" translated as peach). The church structure was erected on a mountain overhanging Milocer Beach. A stone staircase leads to Praskvitsa. read more

Durmitor - Montenegrin national park and mountain, in honor of which this conservation area got its name. The national park includes the mountain range of the same name, the upper part of the Komarnitsa plateau, river canyons (Tara and Susitsy). The highest point of the reserve is Bobotov Kut (2522 m). B. read more

Montenegro is generously endowed with nature: picturesque landscapes, a wonderful sea and a lot of sun. For many centuries, people built royal castles on the Montenegrin land, majestic cathedrals, were engaged in growing vegetables and cultivating gardens. And it would seem that there is no more beautiful place on earth than Montenegro. Oh no! In the Montenegrin territories there is a place that surpasses the surrounding reality. And this place, having the status of the "most prestigious" resort, is called Milocer. As befits a fashionable resorts, vacation here is not cheap.

In close proximity to a small village is the island of St. Stefan, which is not only the main attraction, but also a business card of Milocher. The botanical garden, whose flora is diverse and unique, is very popular. Here you can see the rarest plants. Such as agave, tropical mimosa, magnolia, etc.

Praskvitsa Monastery, as if soaring up, is located on a small hill, is very popular among vacationers.

Attractions Milocher

The park of the former royal residence of the Karadjordjevic dynasty, which once ruled Montenegro, is considered one of the most interesting sights of Milocher. It occupies a fairly large territory and impresses tourists with all kinds of luxurious Mediterranean plants. The park of the former royal residence is decorated in a classic French style.

The summer palace of the royal family of Karadzhedzhevichi is a unique building, which is located near the park of the former royal residence and 150 meters from the famous bay Queen's Beach. The palace is famous for its magnificent decoration and furniture from the time of the royal family. Today it houses the legendary and one of the most popular hotels in Montenegro - Milocer.

The Milocher Botanical Garden is one of a kind. Its area is 18 hectares. Here, connoisseurs of flora will discover exotic species of plants and trees brought here from Africa, America and Asia.

Queen Milena Beach (Milocer) is one of the attractions of the village. Equipped in 1934, it is separated from the highway by a wall with two gates. A little behind the beach is Milocher Forest, where you can find such unique representatives of the flora as Lebanese cedar, tropical mimosa, Japanese medlar, as well as all kinds of cacti. Milocer Beach is also known in the world under the sonorous name of Queen's Beach. Its length is 280 meters, and the King's beach adjacent to it continues. Once upon a time in this magnificent place, senior persons of the royal family of Montenegro rested.

Location Milocer

Milocer is adjacent to the famous island of Sveti Stefan. It is 6 km away from Budva. Tivat Airport is located 28 km from Milocher. It takes 40 minutes by car from Podgorica Airport to this resort.

Beach Holidays in Milocer

The resort of Milocer has one of the best vacation spots in the whole Mediterranean - Queen's Beach. Previously, he was a favorite location of the royal family. This explains its name.

The beach is buried in cypress trees. Its territory is covered with sand and pebbles. The entrance to the sea is sandy. Vacationers especially enjoy sunsets on a beautiful beach.

There are cafes and restaurants near the Queen's Beach. Car parking is available nearby. The beach is equipped with sun loungers and parasols.

In season, entry and use of inventory must be paid, because the territory of the Queen's Beach belongs to the local hotel. In the low season, when there are few guests in it, the beach opens to all comers.

Activities in Milocer

Behind Milocher is the country's highest mountain range - Durmitor. It includes 27 peaks with a height of more than 2200 m. The territory of Durmitor consists not only of mountains, but also of glacial lakes, canyons, underground springs. There is the canyon of the Tara River, recognized as the largest in Europe.

In winter, Durmitor skiing, sledding and snowboarding, in summer mountain climbs are made here, horseback riding is carried out, hiking trips are arranged. Thrill-seekers who have arrived in Milocer can go rafting, paragliding and even jump deep into the canyon under the supervision of an experienced instructor.

Walking in Milocer

Milocer is sure to appeal to lovers of hiking and medieval architecture. Old buildings here are not only well preserved, but also in some places restored. Stone-paved streets, colorful churches, small squares - all this gives the city a special atmosphere.

Many people like to walk in local parks and forests that are surrounded by greenery. The air in them is saturated with the aroma of herbs, flowers and trees. Parks are great for picnics, which are often arranged here by tourists.

Attractions in Milocer

The Botanical Garden is Milocher’s main attraction. This place occupies a vast territory of 18 hectares. In the garden you can find plants brought to Montenegro from Asian and African countries. Many rare varieties grow here in the natural environment: mimosa, agave, magnolia, cacti.

Praskvitsa is the main monastery of Milocher. Its building is located on a hill with a wonderful view. The monastery was built in the XVII century. A unique spring beats on its territory. The water in it smells like peach, which cannot be explained. The air in this place is also saturated with a pleasant peach aroma.

Restaurants and Shopping in Milocer

Milocer is a place for demanding tourists who are accustomed to quality rest. Local restaurants offer a variety of dishes and a high level of service. Charming landscapes open from the summer terraces of many resort establishments.

In Milocher’s numerous shops and street shops, you can find amazingly beautiful things created by the skillful hands of local artisans. Leather and artificial stones are popular at the resort.

It is important for tourists to remember that shops are open from morning (from 8 or 9) until lunch (until 12), and then close for a siesta - noon break. They again open their doors only closer to 4 o’clock in the afternoon and do not close until late.

Milocher's markets, where you can buy fresh fish and seafood, are mostly open in the morning.

Milocher Features

Milocer Park in Montenegro is a territory formerly owned by royal families. Today, there are private territories, but most of the park belongs to everyone. Tourists have the opportunity to walk here, exploring the rich villas, visiting local beaches. Some beaches are paid and quite expensive. The beaches in Milocer (Montenegro) are unique - they are clean, spacious, beautiful.

King's Beach and Queen's Beach are the most elite places on which a sunbed can cost up to 125 euros per day. The standard price for a sunbed is $ 75. Wealthy people have a rest here, some of them live nearby.

Beaches Pržno

Holidays in Pržno in Montenegro receive positive reviews. Here is one of the most luxurious beaches - Kamenovo. The coastal strip of the beach is small pebbles with sand. The water in the recreation areas is crystal clear, turquoise. This is a treasure of the Budva Riviera, which is popular even among locals. If you look at Pržno in Montenegro on the map, you will notice that there are many other attractions near it.

From the village and beaches it is easy to get to Becici, Rafailovici, Budva. Accompanied by an experienced guide, tourists will overcome the route as quickly as possible and without loss of strength. Typically, travelers first arrive in Pržno, and then visit parks like Milocher, nearby beaches, attractions. Another option is to come to Milocer, and then explore Pržno. It all depends on the chosen excursion.

Holiday Benefits

Holidays in Pržno and Milocer have their advantages. It is quiet, calm, picturesque. Tourists can fully relax and forget about the bustle of big cities, routine, daily duties. Nature calms and gives a good mood and well-being. These settlements are small, but from here it is easier to get to other beautiful places.

Tired of the nearby beaches, travelers will easily reach or reach other places. Although getting tired of Kamenovo or Milocher is almost impossible. These are unique places you want to visit every day. It is difficult to find analogues to these beaches and parks in other countries. Montenegro is unique in its beauty.

Leisure with a guide

Montenegro is a relatively small country. Therefore, the distance between the sights can be short. However, tourists are still advised to rest in groups. The fact is that distances can only seem small. To see the most interesting places, you need to know about them. And also a conductor is required that will indicate the path. The guide will simultaneously tell about the history of specific places, moreover in Russian.

Today guides work with groups individually. In addition to the standard route, you can choose your own option. Just clean up those places that are not interesting, and make your suggestions. As a result, the tour will be held in such a way that it will suit each member of the group. The time allotted to each of the places can also be chosen by the participants.

How much are you ready to roam the old park? Some tourists want to stay here for about 20 minutes, while others are not enough for two hours. One of the main advantages of an individual tour is that it takes into account the wishes of vacationers and lives up to expectations. Rest will pass as you planned.