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Yasnensky district is the “youngest” administrative district of the Orenburg region of the Volga region of the Russian Federation. The municipality of Yasnensky district consists of 7 municipalities: the urban settlement city of Yasny and six rural settlements.

The city of Yasny and Yasnensky district is located in the southeast of the region. The municipality borders with the Dombarovsky, Novouorsky, Adamovsky, Svetlinsky districts of the Orenburg region, from the south - with the Aktobe region of Kazakhstan. The length of the border is 340 kilometers. The city is connected with the largest economic centers of the Orenburg region by a railway line: Gorny Lyon - Exploration - Orsk, and the asphalt road Yasny - Dombarovka - Orenburg. The population is about 30 thousand people. The composition of the population is multinational. Most of them are Russians, followed by Kazakhs, Ukrainians and Tatars in numbers. The territory of the municipality is 356 514 hectares, including urban land - 2566 hectares, industrial land - 1052 hectares and agricultural land - 334 362 hectares.

The municipality of the city of Yasny and Yasnensky district consists of the city of Yasnoy and six village councils. In June 1961, the village began to be built, and with it the construction of the Kiyembaevsky mining and processing plant began to unfold. In the construction of the plant, based on the provisions of the comprehensive program of socialist integration, Bulgaria, Hungary, the GDR, Poland, Romania, the USSR and Czechoslovakia took part. The first phase of the plant, with a capacity of 250 thousand tons, went into operation in 1979. The second of the same capacity - in 1980. By decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the RSFSR No. 5-91-7 of December 4, 1979, the workers' village of Yasny was given the status of a city of regional subordination. By the same decree, the Yasnensky district was formed.

On the basis of the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Council and in accordance with the Decision of the Orenburg Oblast Executive Committee of December 7, 1979 “On the Composition of the Yasnensky District of the Orenburg Region,” it included five state farms and one village council, departed from other regions of the region, namely, the Komarovsky Village Council and the Kumaksky Soviet - from Adamovsky, Akzharsky, Novoselsky, Elenovsky village councils - from Dombarovsky, Veselovsky village council - from Svetlinsky districts. In March 2000, in accordance with the Law of the Orenburg Region “On the formation of municipalities in the city of Yasny and Yasnensky district of the Orenburg region and the establishment of its borders”, a single municipal formation was formed in the city of Yasny and Yasnensky district.

Features of the district's position: - distance from the regional center - Orenburg: by road Yasniy - Dombarovka - Orenburg - 460 km, by rail - 467 km, - distance to the nearest major city in the Orsk region - 166 km, - location of the area to the side from the main planning axis of the region, passing along the regional road of Samara - Orenburg - Chelyabinsk - in the district there are only territorial roads of local importance, - the absence of a transit railway, there is a dead end railway Highway Linen - Exploration - Orsk. In 2008, due to the economic inefficiency of transportation, the direct passenger train to Orenburg “Ore treasure - Mountain flax - Orenburg” was canceled - the Yasnensky district has a favorable neighborhood with Kazakhstan (border about 10 km), but the lack of highways complicates economic relations.

The climate of the region is characterized by pronounced continentality - hot, arid summers (average July temperature +21 C), cold, snowless winters (average January temperature −18 C) and low rainfall, most of which falls in the summer period - 250-290 mm.

99.4 percent of the industrial output of the city and the district falls to the share of Asbest Combine OJSC, which operates quite steadily. There is also a bakery, a dairy, where the pasta shop was put into operation, as well as a mini-bakery. The production of sausages resumed.

The share of agricultural enterprises in the total agricultural production of the region is 44 percent, private farms, where 99 percent of potatoes, vegetables, 71 percent of cattle and poultry are produced, 83 percent of milk - 51%. Wool of a unique breed of semi-fine-crowned gypsy sheep, unsurpassed in physical and technical indicators, is also used for military purposes. The area is one of the major wool producers in the area, and also provides a fifth of the fluff.

Features of the geological structure determine the presence of deposits of metallic minerals: copper, gold, chromites, nickel, iron and manganese ores, molybdenum and rare metals. Yasnensky district has an extensive raw material base for the construction industry, characterized by a wide range of minerals, a high degree of knowledge, large reserves.

The lack of water resources in the territory is reflected in the development of the region’s economy. Most of the small river streams in the summer turn into a chain of lakes or completely dry up. The main waterway of the Yasnensky district is the Kumak River, which originates near the city of Yasnoy. In the upper reaches, the river is regulated by the Kumak reservoir.

Established in 1961

The city since 1979,

Population - 15 674 people

The area of ​​the city is 62.9 square meters. km

Distance from Orenburg - 480 km in a southeast direction

Orenburg region Yasny is the center of the region of the same name in the Orenburg region, location - southern Trans-Urals.

City `s history

In 1961, the Kiymbaevskoye asbestos deposit was discovered on the site of a modern city, and therefore the city was founded there. At first, from 1962, it was an urban-type settlement, and only in 1979 received city status. In 1973, an agreement was signed between the CMEA member countries; therefore, the Ministry of Construction of Industry Enterprises of the Soviet Union created a trust under the name Kiymbayasbeststroy in Yasnoy. The first six months, the trust was fully equipped with all necessary equipment and machinery. The company involved more than two thousand workers and the All-Union Komsomol detachment Chkalovets.

Our days

In modern Yasny, industrial production is well developed. The Kiembaevsky ore dressing plant is still in operation, crushed stone and asbestos are mined. A reinforced concrete plant, a bakery and a dairy also function.

Sights of Clear

In the vicinity of the city of Yasnoy there is a unique natural monument - the Kamennoye lake, which got its name thanks to the granitoids that make up its hollow. Kumak fishing lines with an area of ​​900 hectares, steppe oyster mushrooms and birch-aspen pegs are also interesting.

Descriptions of Yasnoy's attractions

Any tourist, going on a trip, prepares for himself a list of Yasnoy attractions that you definitely need to see. Some plan independent routes for exploring the city, while others prefer various sightseeing tourism programs. Traditionally, they allow you to visit the main attractions of Yasnoy and give an idea of ​​the historical and cultural heritage of the city.

Connoisseurs of creativity always note for themselves sculptural sights on the map of Yasnoy. On large squares of the city, you can usually see traditional sculptural compositions with which all tourists are photographed. But in popular squares you can visit the expositions of hi-tech sculptures and art objects. They can be made of the most unexpected materials and represent unthinkable variations of various forms, on which you will still need to reflect.

Among the main attractions of Yasnoy, religious buildings occupy an important place. They form the architectural appearance of the Russian city, most of them survived the iconic religious and historical events. In Yasny and beyond, you can go to the famous monastery cloisters, admire the splendor of large Orthodox churches or look into the quiet and small chapels that are so popular with the townspeople.

When you tour the surroundings, you can also stumble upon interesting religious sites. These may be objects of other religious movements, ancient cult associations, or, in general, specific places for conducting ceremonies.

A great idea is walking along Yasnoy. You can pre-buy a map of Yasnoy with attractions and routes, or even wander around wherever you like. So it’s even more interesting. Allow yourself to get lost on the colorful side streets or wander around the squares. And if you get tired, you can eat or drink coffee in some nice cafeteria. By the way, in Yasnoy there are several famous places in which any guest of the city wants to visit.

If you intend to fully explore urban history and modernity, go to the museum of Yasnoy. They will present you with rich collections of ethnology, art, handicrafts, and archeology. Traditionally, such attractions are concentrated in the center.

However, open museums dedicated to certain topics can often be visited in the countryside. They present interesting showrooms dedicated to national life and folk crafts. In addition, it may be a museum reconstruction of ancient settlements or military fortresses. Similar sights of Yasnoy are always interesting for children.

For family tourists, the main question is always on the agenda: where to go with children. The most popular option is to go to one of the Yasnoy aqua complexes. Most often, when buying a family subscription for the whole day bonuses are valid.

If you travel in winter or spring, it is worth looking at the ski centers of Yasnoy as an option for relaxation. There are a lot of activities for children and parents: a variety of ski and snowboard slopes, snowboarding, exciting extreme parks for the pros. Typically, such complexes can be found several tens of kilometers from the city. So it’s easier to go there by personal vehicle or rent a car.

A great prospect for a family vacation is a trip to the countryside. Natural sights are usually near Clear. It can be rivers, gorges, popular protected places. Where it is better to go, you always choose. These corners of nature can be reached either by car or by public transport. Specify in advance the routes of shuttle buses starting from the suburban bus stations in the direction you need. In such an adventure, you will get a lot of vivid impressions from being in nature, put in order the state of mind and body.

If you came to the city on business matters, then you do not have free time for full-fledged excursion trips. In such a situation, we recommend choosing a short index of Yasnoy's attractions with a photo and description.

It can certainly be found after arriving in the city at railway stations or at the airport terminal. Such a guide provides a list of the best places to go in Yasnoy, with the names and photos of attractions. Admittedly, this greatly simplifies the question of what to see in Yasnoye if you have little time.

But, if the printed catalog describes the most visited places of Yasnoy, then on the network you can see the rating of unfamiliar, but no less interesting sights with reviews of tourists who visited them. Abandoned adits, mysterious careers, unusual railways, overpasses - such attractions attract adventurers.

When planning a trip to Yasny, we recommend finding out not only about the sights, but also about other important city objects. For the convenience of moving around the city, you should understand the urban transport scheme, the localization of bus, railway or sea stations, subway stations. At the same time, these important public buildings of Yasnoy can be very interesting from a tourist point of view. Often, they become the hallmark of the city.

How to get to Yasny

For those who have purchased package tours - flight to Poprad, then transfer 1 hour 15 minutes. Other options are to fly to Vienna or Bratislava, and from there by bus or train. In any case, you will have to travel with a transfer in Liptovsky Mikulas, from where it is easy to get to Yasny both on the railway and on the bus. The most convenient option is to rent a car.

Yasny slopes

The resort offers 57 km of pistes on the northern and southern slopes of Chopka. It can be divided into four ski areas: Otupne (1140-1430 m) - the area for beginners, Zagradki (1030-1450 m) - “red” tracks leading from Konski Grun and Prehiba, Chopok-Sever (1230-2020 m) - mostly “red” tracks, there are a couple of “black” tracks, the length of the tracks is up to 2 km, Chopok-South (1160-2020 m) - “red” and “black” tracks, skiing is mainly above the forest level, there are opportunities for virgin skiing.

The main and most interesting tracks are equipped with snow cannons, which provide full skiing in conditions of snowy winters. There are trails for evening skiing. Evening skiing is not included in the ski-pass and is paid extra.

Snow Park, recently built in Otupná, is the most modern in Slovakia. Its upper part is suitable for beginners, and the lower one, with more difficult obstacles, is suitable for experienced boarders. Also at the resort, the largest Maxiland children's snow park in Slovakia has been opened, where little ski enthusiasts learn to ski under the guidance of experienced instructors.

The lifts are open: December, January and the first half of February - from 8:30 to 15:30, from the second half of February until the end of the season - from 9:00 to 16:00. Evening skiing on two tracks lasts from 18:00 to 21:00.

In the lower part of the Chopok-Sever region, there are Christmas trees and pines, and sometimes even shafts of stones up to half a meter high, made to hold snow. In general, the skier should be careful there and especially attentive.

The local ski-pass is made in the form of a magnetic card and is valid on all lifts. It is sold at the box office located near the main stations of Otupne, Bela Put and Zagradki.

It’s more profitable to buy a ski-pass immediately for the entire vacation.

Entertainment and Attractions Jasny

Demänovská cave of Liberty and Demänovská ice cave, Liptovsky Mikulas - Museum of Nature and Speleology, art gallery named after P.M. Bogunya, Tatralandia water park (9 thermal outdoor pools with water + 24 ... + 38 ° C, water attractions, 18 water slides, a complex of saunas), Pribylina - Museum of the Liptov Village, St. Krizh - wooden articular church, Gavranok - archaeological area of ​​Celtic culture.

All of Yasna’s evening life is concentrated in the hotels themselves, where there are bars, restaurants, discos, billiards, table tennis, and some have a pool.