Sights of Temryuk


Do you want to relax in the south of the Russian Federation, get a lot of positive emotions and impressions, make the trip unforgettable? In the city of Temryuk, attractions and entertainment will help in realizing all this. Here you will find interesting excursions in the surroundings, numerous architectural structures, cultural monuments, high-quality wine products, amazing fishing.

The combination of these distinctive features makes the important regional center of the Krasnodar Territory, washed by the Sea of ​​Azov, specific and unique, memorable for life. The small population is hospitable and welcoming. Well, the places offered for inspection are original and non-standard. Consider the most interesting of them, attaching colorful photos and the exact addresses or coordinates.

"Military hill"

  • 45.278252, 37.385789.

The first thing it is recommended to go to the Museum of military equipment in the open air, which appeared on the initiative of the participants of the Great Patriotic War in 1983. Here you will see cars and weapons of the Second World War - tanks, planes, guns, sea vessels and other guns. Not a single exhibit here is like another; you can spend hours enjoying these masterpieces of artillery. A large-scale T-34 tank and a monument to Soviet heroes in honor of the liberation of the region from the Nazis were installed in the center of the Military Hill. All the pleasure will cost 50 rubles - this is the cost set by the institution at the entrance.

Museum of History and Archeology

Culture lovers will also find what to do with themselves, having a look at the Historical and Archaeological Museum, which has a wide collection of antique exhibits and fossil antiquities. It has several thematic areas - WWII, the nature of Taman and the history of the Bosporus kingdom.

Walk of Fame

  • 45.278252, 37.385789.

Walking in the center, be sure to go to Rosa Luxemburg Street and look at the pedestals of the heroes of the USSR, the lists of cavaliers who have received the Order of Glory award, go to the memorial plaque, which commemorates the grateful inscription to our compatriots compatriots as a sign of memory and respect for the great feat, labor and combat merit.

Sturgeon factory

  • Coastal, 25.

For many years this enterprise has been engaged in the restoration of the sturgeon population and the struggle against barbaric methods for their capture in the Sea of ​​Azov. You will be taken to several workshops to familiarize yourself with working methods, and at the end they will be allowed to personally feed the decorative representatives.

House of Culture

The House of Culture is a cultural paradise where the whole city celebrates the most important holidays of the country, puts on performances, holds festivals and other entertainment events. Within the walls of this attraction of Temryuk, it is also easy to meet a great many creative associations and meet talented people.

Temple of Alexander Nevsky

  • Tamanskaya, 98.

One of the most popular shrines in the city is deservedly considered the Alexander Nevsky Parish, built in 2005. Despite its modest size, it takes a lot of townspeople who came to listen to divine services and chants. In the courtyard of the sacred place there is a baptismal hall, consecrated in the name of John the Baptist, where the baptism of infants takes place.

Like the sights, the entertainment of Temryuk leaves a lot of pleasant impressions and a desire to return again to this amazing place.

Aero Club Sky

Thrill-seekers are offered familiarization training flights on aircraft at the city airfield. Truly, this is an ideal opportunity to take a detailed look at the city and get a large dose of adrenaline.

Cinema "Taman"

  • Tamanskaya, 65.

A modern cinema equipped with two spacious halls in burgundy and blue. The interior design is made in an unusual interesting style: the facade and the lobby are the sides of a space starship. Large screens with high quality broadcast images immerse viewers in a special atmosphere, forcing them to abstract from the outside world and enjoy the masterpieces of modern world cinema: melodramas, comedies, horrors, cartoons for the whole day will cheer you up and your family, give a charge of vivacity and positive.

Bowling "German settlement"

  • October, 50.

This complex is the first bowling in Temryuk, located in a large entertainment center. Modern equipment, six game tracks, helpful staff, a bar and snacks, reasonable pricing, an interesting and comfortable interior will pleasantly surprise you. The best place to relax with family or friends.

Tasting room "Taman Wines"

  • st. September 27, 21.

After the summer sultry tiring walks, I want to relax so much, having missed a glass of wine, enjoying the twittering of birds and the light sea wind. You can do all this by visiting the sights of the provincial hinterland - “Tamani Wines”, where a lot of varieties of heady drink made from carefully grown grapes on the Taman Peninsula are presented. All technological processes are carefully monitored: starting from planting seedlings and ending with bottling - the result justifies itself.

Kurchansky estuary

  • 45.283831, 37.468532.

In the east, adjacent to Temryuk is this wonderful body of water, not very deep, although its area is about 55 square meters. m. It plays an important role in the economy, as it is used for irrigation. The Kurchansky estuary is also important in terms of tourism, in particular fishing. On its shores there are several bases and campsites where you can stop to go fishing. Experienced biting experts recommend swimming closer to the center, where there are both perch and pike perch, as well as crucian carp and carp.

Mud volcano "Hephaestus"

  • 45.251538, 37.435777

In Temryuk, sights often help to regain health and restore strength. In the vicinity there are many volcanoes that spew healing mud and gases, fruitfully affecting the nervous system, skin and bones. The most important of these is Hephaestus, or Rotten Mountain. The first hospital was opened here in the late 60s. XIX century. On its territory you can take a beautiful family photo on the background of the aquarium, shoot in the dash or dine at a local cafe.

Akhtanizovsky estuary

  • 45.289890, 37.160743.

It is located a short distance from the center to the west, is a large freshwater reservoir used for various needs. First of all, they go here for fish. What is she just not catching here ?! And asp with catfish, and pike perch with crucian carp, and carp with grass carp. In general, for every taste and color, as they say! And a separate part of the Akhtanizovsky estuary is the real Lotus Valley, attracting true connoisseurs of the beautiful.

Trip to the Sea of ​​Azov across the Kuban River

  • 45.335432, 37.357939.

A boat trip to the place where the Kuban River flows into the Sea of ​​Azov is definitely worth noting. It is accompanied by picturesque views of the coast, overgrown with poplars, willows and reeds. On the way, they will tell you the story of the appearance of the main river of the Krasnodar Territory and show its inhabitants.

Things to do in the area

  • Lebedeva, 102, Taman.

An interesting exhibition complex dedicated to the Cossacks in Russia. The unique atmosphere of the Cossacks life was recreated here, the history of the existence of these brave warriors from 1792 until today has been carefully preserved. Do not be too lazy to climb the mountain, from where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the village and the sea, perfectly complementing the local colors. The territory of the complex is large, it is advisable to have 3-4 hours in stock to familiarize yourself with all the exhibits in detail. The kind and helpful staff will be happy to answer your questions, everything here is accessible and done with a soul.

Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin

  • Kalinina, 1, Taman.

The first Church of the Slavs in the Kuban, founded by the Cossacks in 1793. It was built after the signing of the order by Catherine II on the settlement of the island by atamans. On August 25, under the leadership of Savva Bely, the Atamans began to land here. The temple had the shape of a rectangle and, according to the architect's plan, personified a ship sailing into the kingdom of heaven. He safely survived the Second World War and after restoration in the very beginning of the 1990s. continues to receive visitors. At one time, this sacred object was visited by Pushkin, Lermontov and Suvorov.

Craft Brewery Tour

  • Railway station, 68a, Krymsk.

It is one of the first private breweries in southern Russia with high-quality beer and bright flavors made using unique European technologies. All visitors are satisfied and leave exclusively positive feedback. The plant presents a lot of varieties of hop drink.

Lost Island

  • 45.351837, 37.396699.

“Lost Island” is a newly-developed beach recreation area with well-thought-out infrastructure, based near the city limits. Here is a huge range of attractions that will captivate your child for a long time. You can buy an excursion here in Temryuk - on Morskaya street, 11a.

Temryuk is impeccable for tourism, has a favorable position in the Bay of Azov, numerous attractions, entertainment, cafes and excursions. Staying here, you do not have to worry about what to do with yourself. In this town, anyone will find something to their liking and ensure an unforgettable vacation!

Location of Temryuk

The port city of Temryuk is located near the Azov coast of the Krasnodar Territory. Its location is the Taman Peninsula. This is a large settlement of the region, a district center. The Kuban River, on the right side of which lies the city, in this place flows into the Azov Veil by the Verbenkom.

Taman Nature Reserve

Temryuk is a climatic resort. People come here to relax and improve their health due to the unique climatic conditions - they are attracted by the sea and mud volcanoes, and among lovers of hunting and fishing it is considered a green resort where you can have a good time doing what you love. The fact is that in the Temryuk region there are many lakes and estuaries. In the northeast is the Kurchansky estuary. Flocks stop here during the flight and bird colonies nest, some of which are listed in the Red Book.

In these places in 1967, the Taman-Zaporizhzhya Nature Reserve was created - one of the attractions of Temryuk and its environs. Today it is the Taman Sanctuary with an area of ​​30 hectares, where mallards, swans, loaves, coots, teals, red-headed dives and other species of waterfowl live. In the reservoirs of the reserve there are species of sturgeon: beluga, stellate sturgeon, common carp, ram, fish and others.

There are no beaches in the city itself, but there is a seaport located at the mouth of the Kuban River. Magnificent beaches are located in resort areas of the Temryuk region, such as Ilyich, Kuchugury, Peresyp, Sennaya, Golubitskaya and are the main attractions. Temryuk is located not far from the village of Golubitskaya, which is famous for its shallow sandy beaches that extend far into the sea. They are generally good for parents with children. The sea here is warm and gentle. In the vicinity of the city, near the village of Ataman and on the island of Tuzla, there are a lot of wild beaches that nudists have chosen.

Mud Volcanoes

Of particular value to the resorts of Temryuk brought mud volcanoes. People come here with diseases of the musculoskeletal system and chronic inflammatory processes. The healing mud is rich in trace elements and is called peloid. The main attraction of Temryuk is the mountain, called Rotten.

At the very top of the mountain is the mud lake Hephaestus, filled with a peloid. Bursting bubbles resembling the boiling process appear periodically on its surface. But sometimes there are dirt emissions up to a height of 20 meters. Near Hephaestus the infrastructure is developing: an alley leading to the mountain, an aquarium, a cafe.

In the Temryuk region there is a mud volcano Tizdar, located on a hill, whose height above sea level is 72 meters. Sopka is located in the tract Blue Beam. 50 meters from it lies the Sea of ​​Azov. Its depth is relatively small, 1 meter. The composition of the mud belongs to the mineral gray-brown clay and is rich in boron, bromine and iodine. It does not contain organics and has strong antiseptic properties. The temperature of the mud reaches +20 o C. Currently there is a tourist complex with all amenities.

The base of Temryuk. Interesting - excavation of Fanagoria

From 550 BC there was a Greek colony of the Hellenic kingdom of the Bosporus with the capital Panticapaeum. The second most important city in it was Fanagoria. Initially, the settlement was called Agrippia. An interesting fact is that Phanagoria did not die from the invasion of enemies, it was absorbed by the Sea of ​​Azov as a result of rising water levels.

Its ruins, located near the village of Sennaya, were discovered only in the 19th century after a decrease in sea level. Valuable exhibits, ancient Greek amphoras and household items are still found. Today Fanagoria is a tourist attraction of Temryuk and its environs.

The territory of the Taman Peninsula has a rich history. Once on the site of Temryuk was a colony of Genoese Cope. In the 16th century, the Genoese were supplanted by the Turks who built Tumnev here - a kind of fortress with defensive structures.

The end of the 16th century was marked by the fact that these places were conquered by the Kabardian prince Temryuk, who acted in alliance with the Russians. Under him, on the site of Tumnev, the fortress New Temryuk was built. After some time, she goes to the Crimean Khanate, they give her a new name - Adis. In 1774, the fortress became part of Russia. In 1860, the city of Temryuk was founded.

Temryuk. Where to go, what to see

The Great Patriotic War and the victory over Nazi Germany forever remained in the history of Russia as significant and fateful events. Throughout the country, you can see many monuments that perpetuated the feat of the Soviet people. The military-technical museum "Military Hill" dedicated to the heroic defense of the city is working in Temryuk. This is one of the first open-air museums that was created in 1983. On both sides of the road leading to Mount Miska, which is located within the city, there are samples of military equipment from the war and the late Soviet period.

Other monuments are also dedicated to this event, such as: the Taman army monument, the Memorial of the Fallen Warriors. The monument to those who perished in local conflicts is dedicated to modern heroes. There is a “Walk of Fame” in Temryuk, where the names of famous people of the city and region who have contributed to the development of the city and country are immortalized.

At 11 kilometers from Temryuk is the village of Svetly Put, a small river Kurka flows through it. Fishing lovers come here. They say that here is the best nibble in all of Taman.

Another attraction is the Oak Market reserve, located between two estuaries: Starotitarovsky and Akhtonizovsky. Once upon a time there was a slave market. A shuttle bus goes here from the city bus station.

Interesting places Temryuk

The site contains the sights of Temryuk - photos, descriptions and travel tips. The list is based on popular guides and is presented by type, name and rating. Here you will find answers to questions: what to see in Temryuk, where to go and where are the popular and interesting places of Temryuk.

Sea of ​​Azov

Temryuk is a whole resort area, which is located on the Taman Peninsula. It, in turn, is washed by the waters of the Black and Azov Seas. Already in 2001, Temryuk was declared a federal resort. The total length of the sea coast, which is part of the resort, is 250 kilometers, of which 220 are sandy beaches.They are considered one of the largest and most valuable in the Russian Federation. Of particular importance to these places are mud volcanoes and numerous estuaries with healing mud, these include: Akhtanizovsky, Kiziltashsky, Kurchansky.

The beaches of Temryuk on the Sea of ​​Azov are truly impressive for any tourist, because the coastline stretches here for hundreds of kilometers. They are completely sandy and have a rather gentle descent into the water, which makes them a great place for families with small children. Unfortunately, the infrastructure here is not particularly developed, since it is quite difficult to cover such a large territory. Therefore, if you are coming here to rest "savage", be sure to take everything you need.

For lovers of a comfortable stay, here you can find several excellent pensions and health resorts that have their own beaches and offer a full range of services for a comfortable stay.

Mud volcano Tizdar

Taman is a land of vineyards and healing mud volcanoes. One of them, Tizdar, resembles a small lake 100 by 150 meters, where tourists immerse themselves for healing. Of course, you won’t be able to swim in the usual sense of the word, because the depth of this lake is only about a meter.

Since the lake is located 50 meters from the sea, tourists prefer to wash off the dirt with sea water. The composition of the mud includes healing minerals that help with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, nervous and cardiovascular systems. Of course, a single visit to the volcano for complete recovery is not enough, so anyone can stay at a nearby hotel for any period of time.

An entrance ticket can be purchased for 400 rubles. This amount includes a visit to the volcano itself, the Ark mini-zoo, the right to use locker rooms and showers. For a fee you can go fishing in the lake.

After the mud baths, it is worth visiting the tasting room, where three wineries display their products, which everyone can buy.

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Scythe Tuzla

To date, several geographical features are called Tuzla. This is both a cape and an island. In the XX century, the island was a slanting peninsula of Taman. At the end of the XVIII century, Cossacks still landed on this place, who settled here and defeated the settlement here. They lived until the 20th century.

In Soviet times, a canal was dug in the spit for the convenience of fishermen, which subsequently eroded a strong storm. So, the spit has become a separate peninsula. Locals remember trying to restore it, but all the work was in vain.

After World War II, there were long disputes with Ukraine over Taman territory. The annual negotiations led to the fact that part of the braid, called the Middle - to consider already foreign.

Today, Tuzla laziness is a sensational vacation spot among visiting guests. Firstly, they are attracted to look at the artificial embankment, and secondly, there are the cleanest beaches that stretch for five kilometers.

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Museum "Military hill"

"Military Hill" is a museum of military equipment, which is located on a hill, on the sides of the highway, near the city of Temryuk.

A large-scale exposition demonstrates military vehicles of land, sea, air and railway types of troops. Here you can see real tanks, guns, armored vehicles, torpedoes, a torpedo boat, mines, fighters, a transport aircraft, as well as a steam locomotive with an authentic wartime car.

In the center there is a monument in honor of the liberation of Temryuk from the Nazi invaders, representing the T-34 tank on a high pedestal. On the obelisk there is an inscription proclaiming the defense of the city and the heroism of the historical personnel.

The most popular attractions in Temryuk with descriptions and photos for every taste. Choose the best places to visit famous places of Temryuk on our website.

Wild beaches

Taman is also famous for its wild beaches. There are a lot of them. Located away from civilization, however, they are very popular for lovers of such a holiday. Comfortable wild beaches are located along the spit of Tuzla and not far from the Cossack village Ataman. Wild beaches are often fond of nudists.

The region is especially popular with active mud volcanoes.

Mud volcano Hephaestus

The main part of the active mud volcanoes of the region is concentrated on the so-called Rotten Mountain. The mountain got such a name because of its soil, which is pressed underfoot. At the top of the mountain there is a low shaft with a mud lake inside it. The total area of ​​the mountain is 6,000 m². More often than not, the dirt in the crater simply resembles a boiling process. But, periodically, there are mud emissions up to 20 m high. The healing mud contained in the crater is called a peloid. Volcanic mud is distinguished by its medicinal properties, as it contains boron, iodine, bromine, selenium and a number of other trace elements. Treatment with such muds has a beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system, treats rheumatism and polyarthritis, as well as chronic inflammatory processes. The method of treatment is quite simple - you need to plunge into the mud bath or just spread a layer of mud and let it dry on the body. In recent years, in order to attract even more visitors, infrastructure has begun to actively develop near Hephaestus. There is an alley leading to the mountain, a cafe, an aquarium, and a shooting gallery work. It is possible to order a guide.

Volcano Karabetovka

How to get there: Located 5 km southeast of the village of Taman, it is better to walk on foot from the location of the MIG-17 aircraft. It will take 2-3 hours to climb, in hot weather you need to stock up with drinking water.

Coordinates for the navigator: Latitude: 45.199800ºN / Longitude: 36.780970ºE

The volcano Karabetova Sopka (local name Karabetovka) is located 5 km from the village of Taman. This volcano is a rocky plateau, about 150 m high. It is the highest volcano of the Taman Peninsula. The volcano is now operational, but the emissions of dirt occur at intervals of once every 15-20 years. At the slopes of the mountain there are small lakes, with active mud hills nearby. The slopes of the Karabet Mountain are heavily dissected by ravines, which is not inherent in other peaks of the peninsula. Since 1978, the volcano Karabetova Sopka has been a natural monument of regional importance.

Mount Commandant

Another natural attraction. The peculiarity of the mountain is that it is the highest peak of the Taman Peninsula. Its height is 164 m above sea level. Mount Komendantskaya is located near the city of Temryuk, within the district. The mountain got its name due to the fact that several years ago, drilling was carried out here, oil was extracted. To monitor the devices, a watch was organized, on certain days and hours - curfews.

Excavations of Fanagoria

In addition to natural monuments, the Taman Peninsula will be interesting to history buffs as well. In particular, because of Phanagoria, an ancient Greek colony whose ruins were discovered at the beginning of the 19th century.

The ancient city was founded in the VI century. BC. The city of Fanagoria was famous for its trade with the Scythians and the local population (Meotians). Phanagoria ceased to exist in the 10th century. The reason for this was natural factors - the sea level rose, flooding a large part of the city, and the population began to move higher, settled off the coast of the Kuban.

In 1822, a mound was excavated at random, in which ancient jewelry made of precious metals was found. This incident attracted attention to Phanagoria, and from that time, excavations have been carried out on the territory of the Taman Peninsula. Official, scientific excavations began to be carried out here annually, since 1936. Now, the excavation area of ​​the ancient settlement is about 60 hectares. However, it was established that the size of the city was much larger - 75 hectares, therefore, in part, excavations are carried out underwater.

During this time, archaeologists managed to find many ancient household items, such as: amphoras for oil and vessels for other products, marble statues of ancient Greek gods, treasures with jewelry made of precious metals and stones. Excavated 12 mounds, found more than a thousand sarcophagi.

The excavation area is located near the village of Sennoy.

Museum Military Hill

Another memorial to open-air history. The museum is located on both sides of the highway leading to Temryuk. The museum was opened in 1983. On a large plot of land is military equipment, representing all kinds of troops. From land military vehicles here you can see the T-34 Tank, the BTR-152 armored personnel carrier, the ZIS-2 anti-tank gun. Air transport is represented by Earth-to-Air missiles, MIG-15 and MIG-17 fighters, MI-4 and AN 17 Pchelka helicopters. Also, in the museum you can see many other military equipment.