Datanla Waterfall in Dalat (Vietnam): photos, reviews, how to get


Despite this not sounding name, Datanla is a modest, but quite beautiful waterfall from several cascades with a total length of 350 meters. Here you can take beautiful pictures, take a walk around the surrounding area in the jungle (only carefully, solid rocks around), and, of course, sit in a cafe or buy souvenirs in shops. A visit to the waterfall will take no more than half an hour. Excursion groups of Russians from other resorts in Vietnam are imported here in large quantities.

The way of moving and descending to the waterfall is very interesting: at the foot of the waterfall they descend and rise in single or double strollers like a roller coaster. Moreover, you regulate the descent speed yourself using the brake handle. True, for such a descent and ascent, you will have to pay an additional 40,000 dong to the entrance ticket. If you do not want to overpay, you can go on foot. Walking up and down is not so tiring, they will take an additional 10-15 minutes. Ticket offices have a free parking area.

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: Dongs 10,000 entry, Dongs 30,000 one-way lift ticket / 40,000 - round-trip / 60,000 - double lift / 15,000 - children's lift ticket. See Vietnam Currency Exchange Rates.

🚶 How to get there: The waterfall is located about 6 kilometers from the center of Dalat to the north (see the position of the Prenn waterfall on the map of Dalat). It is most convenient to get here by rented transport or taxi. It can also be reached on foot from the Dalat bus station (3km) or taken from there by bus. Many excursions to Dalat include a visit to the waterfall.

Photo of Datanla Waterfall

  • Datanla Waterfall
  • View from above
  • Descent to the waterfall
🕒 October 17, 2019
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Datanla Waterfall: where is it and how to get it

  1. With a tour ofNha Trang. We got here on a minibus already familiar to you after visiting the cable car and the Chuk Lam Thienvien monastery and Crazy House hotel. The day was in full swing and a visit to the waterfall was just what we needed. We looked forward to meeting him in order to feel his coolness. The road was very comfortable and passed through the forest. A visit to Datanla Falls is included in almost all excursion programs in Dalat.
  2. On the bike. You can rent from 100,000 dong per day.
  3. By taxi. According to the meter from the city: from 60,000 to 100,000 dong. From the center to the waterfall about 6km.
  4. Walk
  5. By bus for 10,000 dong, not forgetting to tell the driver where to drop you off.

The first thing I noticed when we got out of our minibus was two huge cups with handles and flowerbeds on top, it turned out that the Vietnamese made the cash register in the original way.

Address: Đèo Prenn, Phường 3, Tp. Đà Lạt, Lâm Đồng, Vietnam
Phone: +84 63 2212 145
Provinces: Lamdong
Working hours: 8–18
Coordinates: 11.901012, 108.448790

Visit Prices

  • 20 000 dongs for adults.
  • 10 000 dongs for children (growth not higher than 1.2 meters).

Sleigh ride is charged separately:

  • 50,000 dongs for adults in both directions, 40,000 dongs in one direction.
  • 20,000 dong for children in both directions, 15,000 dong in one direction.

Opening hours: daily from 7.00 to 17.00

Near the cash register there is a large stand indicating where and what to be.

Flowerbed in front of the entrance to Datanla

And of course, the Vietnamese can not do without it - a beautiful flower bed at the entrance, where the main decoration is a rooster. Why a rooster, because according to the eastern calendar, 2017 is precisely his year. And as on a pedestal on a stone there is a sign with a name. Another interesting flowerbed, led by a huge mock up of pumpkins, is located side by side.

Another nuance is remarkable, this is an unusual entrance. Two carved wooden posts decorate it. And immediately at the entrance we were met by a statue of a woman with a child in her arms, and behind on her back was a basket. Such is the personification of a woman in Vietnam.

Electric sledging

Once inside, first of all, we ran to take a turn on the electric sled. It turned out that you can get to the Datanla waterfall in such an interesting and unusual way.

The path to the turiniket

To our joy, we were one of the first and, having passed through an iron turnstile, we hastened to sit in a sled. Even here, opposite and along the turnstile, everything is beautifully and interestingly done; any trifle at first glance creates a pleasant impression. In a sleigh, you can ride together at the same time, but if you are alone, then nobody will be brought to you. They are very cool and all colorful.

Turnstile to electro-sleigh

We were warned so as not to delay the people who would drive behind — immediately decide how we would go fast or slow. Accordingly, if you drive slowly, skip the one who will go fast at the start. We decided to go fast)).

The sled accelerates quite quickly and just one pleasure to ride with the breeze and enjoy the surrounding green park. The whole path alternates with slopes and straight lines. Due to the fact that there are no people around the park (not counting in front of those traveling), it seems that you are in the wild jungle.

Manage them quite easily and anyone can handle. For safety reasons, a mesh is stretched all the way, on the sides, on semicircular glands. Decorate the way red flowers in pots. Camping is always great, and especially in such a picturesque place, it's simply gorgeous. From the trip just breathtaking, I went and did not cease to admire nature. Emotions went wild and almost all the way I squealed with delight.

Datanla firsthand

And so we got out of the sled and faced a very picturesque waterfall. He descends from the cliff and spreads over the stones. We stood and admired the Datanla waterfall. Of course, the waterfall is surrounded by lush vegetation. It is quite large, with a length of 350 meters. Interestingly, it is three-level.

There is a very beautiful legend about the waterfall. Once upon a time, beautiful fairies lived here and bathed in the purest waters, and therefore locals still call it “Fairy Stream” to this day. True fabulous name? Seeing the waterfall from different angles is not difficult, thanks to its infrastructure.

To the right of the waterfall there is a stone staircase with fences. Climbing it you can find yourself in the center of the waterfall and walk along the bridge and become even closer to this natural wonder. You need to be careful so as not to slip on wet stones when taking pictures. Photos are unforgettable. I felt in a lost corner of paradise. The air here is very fresh and clean, with coniferous trees all around.

Waterfall - a view from afar

Anyone can climb to the second level of the waterfall by a small cable car. You can see a bird's eye view with what force the water rushes down.

The most unusual climb is to the third level.. Indeed, they were so surprised. The rise takes place on the elevator. Once this is possible, it is simply amazing. By among the mountains, in dense greenery, almost in the jungle and elevator. But we, unfortunately, did not see this, did not have time.

The cost of the cable car and elevator is paid separately:

  • 40,000 dong for adults in both directions.
  • 15,000 dong for children in both directions.

Everything is super, I'm thrilled

I advise you to definitely visit all three levels - this will be remembered for a long time. In this case, be sure to come on your own, with a tour you can visit only two.

The Vietnamese are just fine fellows, they thought so cool how to make it easier for tourists to get to the waterfall, and even in such Super ways. Although, if you wish, you can do this on foot.

We sat down again in the sleigh, but this time we only went uphill and we were automatically lifted. At the very beginning of the journey, everyone is photographed on a sleigh and then these photos are sold.

Way back in a sleigh

There is a small summer cafe in the park, here you can have a bite to eat. We did not have time, and we went for new impressions to the XQ Silk Factory.

I really want to come back here again, especially since there is still something to see. After visiting the waterfall, we took away with us a lot of new and vivid impressions. I really liked it here. And then we visited another park with Prenn Waterfall, Lin Phuoc Pagoda, XQ silk fiber.

Datanla Waterfall

The waterfall is 5 km from Dalat. You can get to the Datanla waterfall yourself either by taxi for 60-70 thousand dongs ($ 3-3.5) from the center, or on your bike. We combined visiting several attractions in Dalat in one day. First we arrived at the Chuk Lam monastery, a mountain Buddhist temple with a cable car, walked there for half an hour, then took a taxi to the Datanla waterfall. We arrived from the pagoda in 5 minutes and 20 thousand dongs ($ 1). It was possible to walk on foot, but there was no time for this.

Descent to the waterfall on a sleigh

An entrance fee of 20 thousand dongs ($ 1) was paid. Next, you need to go down to the waterfall down the mountain on foot, or take a ride on a sleigh with a breeze. Of course we took a sled. It cost us an extra 50 dongs ($ 2.5) per person. Cost includes descent and ascent. An original way to slide into the mountains!

In Vietnam, many waterfalls and parks practice such a sleigh ride. For example, at Damry Falls and at Winperle. For us it was the first experience. Speed ​​can be controlled with levers on the sides. Management of the one who sits down behind. You can ride alone on the same sleigh, you can go alone. We sat down together. Katerina takes a picture, and I am at the helm.

Cable car and elevator

There are several levels on this waterfall. We looked only at the top, and there are 2 more levels to which you can go down first by cable car and then by elevator. It costs 40 thousand dong (2 USD). You can also walk along the trail for free. But we did not get to the lower steps due to the fact that we arrived too late. The park is open until 17 hours, but after 16 they are not allowed to the lower levels. The trail is closed, and on the cable car they said that it’s already a lot of time.

There are always fewer people on the lower levels. So, come to the Datanla waterfall yourself and early to have time to see all the steps of the waterfall. This is what the lowest step looks like:

  • Entrance fees: 20 thousand dongs for adults, 10 thousand for children ($ 1 and $ 0.5)
  • Descent and ascent on a sleigh: 50 thousand dongs for adults and 20 thousand for children ($ 2.5 and $ 1)
  • Sleigh descent in one direction: 40 thousand and 15 thousand, respectively ($ 2 and $ 0.7)
  • Cableway + elevator to the second step of 40 thousand dong for adults and 15 for children ($ 2 and $ 0.7)

In total, we spent 290 thousand dong ($ 13) on two for a trip to the waterfall by taxi (150 round-trip taxis + 40 entry + 100 sleds)

How to get to Datan

You can get on your own by bike or taxi. A taxi from the center of Dalat will cost approximately 60-70 thousand dong for a one-way trip. Be sure to arrange with a taxi driver to wait for you or come to pick you up, otherwise it will be problematic to find a taxi back in this place.

We recommend combining Datanla waterall with a visit to the park and Prenn Falls, as well as Chuk Lam Monastery with a cable car, as these attractions are on one side, all of which can be seen in 1 day.

Photo and description

Datanla Waterfall is located five kilometers from the center of Dalat. It is large, 350 meters long, and consists of three levels. The locals have another name for the waterfall: “Fairy Stream”. It is, of course, connected with a legend - about beautiful fairies who bathed in the clear streams of a waterfall.

Due to its accessibility and well-developed infrastructure, Datanla is very suitable for independent visits. The main thing is to go uphill, from where it originates. For descent to each level of the waterfall, tourists are provided with a sleigh on rails, a cable car and even an elevator.

Of course, lovers of walks, I can go down and climb on foot. The paths are comfortable, paved with stone, go along a picturesque grove, past interesting sculptures and trade stalls. But the sleigh ride along the steep serpentine will leave an impression no less vivid than the contemplation of a waterfall. Double sleds are equipped with a brake lever that allows you to adjust the speed of the descent, adding or decreasing the flow of adrenaline. The main thing is that the previous crew does not delay the movement. Back on rails the sled is lifted on the ropes.

A small cable car leads to the second level. This is the only Dalat waterfall that can be seen from the cable car. A look from the passenger cabin at the raging nearby water will give an indescribable feeling.

The most unusual descent - to the third level. The usual elevator in the middle of the jungle, in the mountains, can probably be seen only in Vietnam. It is called by an ordinary button, six people enter the cabin as standard. Everything is like in a multi-storey building. From the elevator, you can go down the stairs to the very foot of the waterfall.

Usually excursions visit the first two levels. Only independent travelers reach the third. Here you can see the statue of the goddess, the patroness of the locals. The height of the third threshold exceeds 20 meters.