Puerto morelos (puerto morelos) on the map the sights of the mayan riviera (mexico)


Puerto Morelos - a quiet and peaceful village, located away from the highway, it is often compared with Playa del Carmen, as it was 25 years ago. Locals still live by the seafood, and tourists here can completely go into the real Mexican reality, the local prices can not even be compared with Cancun.

Basic moments

Puerto Morelos is the best place for a relaxing beach holiday, and its location - halfway between Cancun and Playa del Carmen - gives you the opportunity to join in a fun nightlife, but only if you wish.

Local residents, natives and visitors, are struggling to protect the status of Puerto as a national marine park and minimize its development. Village center - main square (zocalo), where shops are located, including for divers, bars and restaurants. A few steps away is a natural beach and a small pier for fishing boats that supply their daily catch to local restaurants. On the pier, you will most likely be offered excursions to coral reefs.

Near the coast, at a shallow depth, is a coral reef, which has the status of a national treasure. Therefore, the seabed in the coastal strip is heavily overgrown with algae. However, the water here is crystal clear, and the reef is a true treasure for snorkelling just a couple of meters from the shore.

The main beach, which increased due to the 2005 hurricane, is located to the right of zocalo, there are other beaches to the south and north of the village. The beaches here are not cleaned - unless the owner of the restaurant or hotel decides to do this - but they are quite clean, because there are no crowds leaving mountains of garbage behind them, as in large resorts.

Crocodile Zoo

To the north of the village is Croco Cun, a zoo where crocodiles are raised and also contains monkeys, parrots, deer and other wild animals. Biologists working at the zoo have collected many species of reptiles of non-local origin. An informative excursion with a visit to the terrarium and a walk through the jungle, causing a thrill (beware of poisonous snakes, tarantulas and wild boars!), designed for 90 minutes. You can even pick up a little crocodile.

Carretera, 307, Km 31. Tel .: 998-850-37-19. 8.30-17.30 daily. Be sure to grab the repellent.

Dr. Alfredo Barrera Marin Botanical Garden (Jardin Botanico Dr Alfredo Barrera Marin)

In this park with an area of ​​50 hectares you can walk as it should, and skilled gardeners, and those who just want to relax from the beach routine, will enjoy the walk. Beautiful broad-leaved trees, wild orchids, medicinal herbs, as well as cacti of all shapes, sizes and species grow here. Wild deer often go out to meet visitors, monkeys run out, here you can see parrots, toucans and many other birds.

Carretera, 307, Km 33. 8.00-16.00 daily. Bird watchers are admitted earlier by prior request, remember to bring repellent with you and put on long trousers.

Ecological park "Three rivers" (Tres Rios Eco Park)

Drive straight south towards Playa del Carmen, and halfway there you will see this miracle, Tres Rios, a natural park that got its name from the three rivers flowing through its territory. This is not just a leisure park, here you can do water sports, ride horses, play soccer. There is also a large white sand beach.

Tel .: 998-887-80-77. www. 9.00-1. 7.00 daily.

Ask people near the pier and find someone to rent a boat for four (not more). A cheaper alternative is to bargain with the locals and borrow a smaller fishing boat from them. The high season lasts from March to August. Every year in May, international tuna, blue marlin and barracuda tournaments are held in coral reefs.

Sea Blue Snorkeling and Fishing organizes deep-sea fishing and snorkeling tours. Tel .: 998-871-06-11.

Jungle Trips

The Kooltours company forms small groups for one- and three-day excursions, you will see crystal clear cenotes, freshwater lagoons, rise to the wonders of Mayan culture and, thus, immerse yourself in a world far from the organized tourism of Cancun.

Hotel Rancho Sak Ol. Tel .: 998-101-76-96.

Night life

If one of the tourists wants to go out all night, they usually go to Cancun or Playa del Carmen. But before leaving, go down to La Caverna, where local musicians gather at the jam session. Maybe you are lucky and you hear a good band. Just go to the sound. On a full moon, locals make a bonfire on the beach and throw a party.

In the village there is a supermarket, a bar selling alcohol, a pharmacy and an ATM. Also on the main square is Alma Libre, arguably the best bookstore in all of Yucatan. It has everything from classics to the latest blockbusters, and you can also buy local cards.

Zocalo. Tel .: 998-871-07-13. 10.00-15.00 and 18.00-21.00 Tue - Sat Closed: Mon (Oct - June).

Try visiting Rosario Marco's Art Shoppe, where they sell art, craft items and exhibit local artists.

Random photo

The small fishing village of Puerto Morelos in recent years has become a famous diving center on the Caribbean coast of Mexico. In the early 20th century, Puerto Murelos was an important trading port. Today, its biggest attraction is the coastal reefs and the quiet atmosphere of a small town. Prices are lower, the pace of life is calmer. Most of all, it attracts those who seek a quiet beach holiday away from touristy beach resorts.

In order to maintain their rustic character, buildings in Puerto Morelos should not exceed the height of three floors. In a small village there are only two main streets, they can be walked from one end to the other in 15 minutes. On the square in the center are the offices of diving operators, they offer excursions to the reefs.

At the height of the season, Puerto Morelos is crowded with foreign tourists, there are few vacationers in the off-season, and many businesses close during this period. Hence another nickname - Muerto Morelos (Dead-Morelos).

Attractions Puerto Morelos

The biggest attraction here is the coral reefs right in front of the village, one and a half to two meters below the surface of the water. Reefs are located at a distance of about 500 meters from the coast, protecting the coast from storms and large waves. Not a single reef along the coast of Quintana Roo is so close to the coast. In 1998, reefs in the Puerto Morelos area were declared part of the National Marine Park. Restrictions on fishing and boating made this coast the most pristine coral site of the Mesoamerican Great Reef.

Reefs close to the water surface are ideal for snorkelling. Self-swimming with snorkel and mask on the reef is prohibited. To protect reefs from intentional and unintentional damage, visiting reefs is allowed only as part of organized tours with guides and the mandatory use of life vests. If you visit the reefs yourself, the park overseers, if they notice, will be picked up from the water, sent back to the beach and fined.


Several diving operators offer scuba diving tours. For less experienced divers, they offer shallow dives to a depth of 12 meters, where you can see turtles, schools of colorful fish, stingrays, many types of crabs and lobsters. For more advanced divers, travel agencies offer diving in cenotes (depressions in limestone rocks filled with crystal clear waters) and to places of sunken ships. Near Puerto Morelos there are two wrecks. The closest of them is a specially flooded mine-sweeping ship C-56 (depth 27 meters).

One of the best diving operators in Puerto Morelos is considered Almost Heaven Adventures ( Also recommended Buceo Xtabay ( ) Dive In Puerto Morelos ( and Wet set diving adventure (

Botanical Garden

A few kilometers south of Puerto Morelos is the Jardín Botánico Dr. Alfredo Barrera. The park covers a vast territory along the Caribbean coast. Cotton trees sacred for Maya, tall ferns, orchids grow here, many birds and arachnid monkeys (koata), almost extinct along the Caribbean coast, live. The park is open from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm, entrance is paid. More details on the website

CrocoCun Zoo

The CrocoCun Interactive Zoo is located 1.5 km north of Puerto Morelos. Formerly a crocodile farm, now the zoo is engaged in a program that helps restore the reptile population in Cancun's Nichupt Lagoon. The zoo has iguanas, arachnids, boas, and huge tarantulas. Guided tour lasts an hour and a half. Opening hours: daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Order a tour and more information at


Selvatica offers its customers a trip to the jungle 19 km west of Puerto Morelos. The tour program includes a 2.5-km zipline (descending by ropes above the jungle), trips to the jungle by army trucks and ATVs, swimming in a cenote, and crossing a suspension bridge. In the season of influx of tourists, you must make a reservation a month in advance. More details on the website

Eco Park Boca del Puma

Boca del Puma Eco Park is 16 km west of Puerto Morelos. The eco-park offers horseback riding, cycling and all-terrain vehicles (ATV), descent along the jungle (zipline), swimming in the cenote. Order a tour and more information at

How to get there by bus

Puerto Morelos is located 30 km south of Cancun and 30 km north of Playa del Carmen. Cancun International Airport is 20 km from Puerto Morelos.

All buses stop on highway 307, do not call in the village itself. You need to take a taxi to travel to the center of Puerto Morelos. Taxis are usually expected immediately at the bus stop. The distance to the village is about 2 km.

• From the Cancun Airport, take the bus to Playa del Carmen. Buses depart every hour from 10:30 from Terminal 2. Buy a ticket at the ticket office of Terminal 2 or from the bus driver. Ask the driver to stop near Puerto Morelos.

• At the Cancun bus station, take the Riviera / ADO bus heading to Playa del Carmen. The bus leaves every 15 minutes. Ask the driver to stop near Puerto Morelos.

• From Playa del Carmen, take any ADO bus to Cancun. Ask the driver to stop near Puerto Morelos.

Hotel Sea Garden Hotel Riviera Maya Puerto Morelos on a map

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Photo and description

The former fishing village of Puerto Morelos, located on the Caribbean coast, is currently considered one of the largest Mexican diving centers. At the beginning of the last century, a large port was equipped here, but now only a few port facilities remain from it, where cargo ships are still serviced.

Puerto Morelos is a quiet coastal town, designed for leisurely relaxation, diving into the underwater depths, thoughtless sunbathing. It is the measured rural atmosphere that attracts hundreds of tourists here. Local authorities strongly support her, forbidding the construction of multi-storey cottages. These houses are built along two streets that can be leisurely explored in just 15-20 minutes. The streets converge on the central square, where the headquarters of diving centers are located. It sells a variety of tours to the nearest coral reefs. By the way, it is for the sake of these reefs that a lot of people come here. True, this happens only in the high season. When the flow of tourists subsides, most hotels and bars are closed, so locals call their town "Muerto Morelos", that is, "Dead Morelos".

The main local attraction - coral reefs - are located along the coast just 500 meters from the coast. They protect the village from strong sea waves, and hence from destruction. At the end of the 20th century, local reefs became part of a marine park protected by the state. Swim to the reefs yourself, bypassing the diving center, will not work. Visiting the marine park is allowed only for excursion groups led by experienced divers.

In addition to a trip to the reefs, there are other attractions in Puerto Morelos. For example, you can visit the huge botanical garden, located a couple of kilometers from the city, or the former crocodile farm, now turned into a zoo.


Beach description

The city is located in the resort area of ​​the Mayan Riviera, located near the city of Cancun on the Caribbean Sea. Accordingly, you can get to Morelos Beach by bus, which runs from the airport in Cancun.
In the city itself, a quiet and measured atmosphere, just for a relaxing and cozy holiday. The only attraction in the town locals call the lighthouse. But most of the tourists are clearly not interested in him, but in the Great Mesoamerican Reef, it separates the beach from open sea waters and is considered the second (no more, no less) reef in size among similar ones in the entire Western Hemisphere.

You can embark on a voyage to the underwater world with both locals and choosing a tour from professional Dive centers. With them you can sail away, see turtles and other marine animals. Morelos Beach is unlikely to be suitable for a noisy company, but there is still some fun here - a zoo, a botanical garden and the jungle are always ready to meet tourists.