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The resort is dominated by a Mediterranean climate. Winters are mild and rainy. The air temperature during this period is approximately +5 .. + 7 degrees Celsius. And in the spring, small winds blow (the degree is already rising to +15). In summer, grace begins. The air temperature does not rise above 30 degrees (mainly +25 ° С ... + 27 ° С). The sea warms up quickly and cools only by the end of October.

Important! The swimming season lasts from mid-May to the end of October. The water temperature at this time is +27 ° C degrees. So think it over in advance.

Weather in Bibione

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    A bit of history and geography

    Despite the fact that the history of the village of Bibione began in the heyday of the Roman Empire, he gained fame as a famous resort only half a century ago. According to legend, many centuries ago the ancient city of the same name was swallowed by the waters of the Adriatic Sea, and with it all its untold riches - the treasures of Attila, the glorious ruler of the Huns, went to the bottom.

    Since then, diving here is by no means a sporting interest.

    But the town boasts not only an interesting history, but also an extremely advantageous geographical position. It is a small part of the land, separated from all sides by rivers and forest lakes, and the resort is surrounded by centuries-old pine trees, which in some places approach the sea itself. So the local landscapes amaze with their splendor even seasoned tourists. In addition, Bibione is adjacent to Venice, which makes it possible for guests of the resort not only to visit one of the most unusual cities on Earth, but also not to spend a lot of time and effort on the way to the airport.

    How to navigate

    Conventionally, the town is divided into two parts. One of them, Pineta, is located along the beaches. This is a kind of “sleeping area”, where most of the hotel complexes and pedestrian areas are concentrated in the shade of old pine trees. And the second part of the city is Spiaggia with all kinds of entertainment and luxurious shopping centers. There are a huge number of restaurants and taverns serving the best dishes of Italian cuisine and excellent seafood, and numerous clubs and bars.

    Most of the shops, bars and restaurants are located on the main street of Via Orsa Maggiore.

    Beaches and Hotels

    The beach is 8 km of soft soft sand up to 400 m wide. It is lit at night and is fully equipped with everything necessary. The bottom here drops very slowly, so swimming is safe even for children.

    And the secret of local beaches is that for many years hundreds of tons of fine river sand have been washed up on the seashore with the Tagliamento and Bazelege rivers.

    Spa and treatment

    One of the main highlights of the resort are unique thermal springs, recently discovered. More than ten years ago, the Bibione Terme thalassotherapy center was created here, where not only various diseases are treated, but also preventive procedures are carried out, the course of which is developed by the center’s specialists individually for each client. In addition, there is a first-class beauty salon and a studio for therapeutic and relaxing massage.

    Attractions and attractions in Bibione

    In addition to a beach holiday at this resort, there are many more ways to diversify your leisure. In particular, it has beautiful tennis courts, golf courses and a horse riding school, thanks to which you can take horseback riding in the picturesque surroundings. For especially active tourists, bicycle rental is available, where you can go on a small fascinating country trip, or simply ride along the winding city streets. In addition, there is an amusement park and an excellent city aquarium, which, for sure, will be interesting to visit both adults and children.

    It will not be difficult to make an unforgettable trip to Venice, which can be reached either by yourself on an intercity bus, or as an excursion group with a professional guide. In addition, you can go to a larger spa center, bordering Bibione - Lido di Jesolo.

    Probably, the fact that it is in Bibion ​​that the Italians themselves prefer to spend their holidays, says a lot. This is a fairly calm place where you can fully relax your soul and body, which is facilitated by the healing sea air, unique thermal water and tranquil nature. In addition, there is a huge amount of entertainment for every taste and some of the best shopping centers in the north of the Adriatic coast.

    General information

    Bibione is considered prestigious adriatic resort. Perhaps it can be compared with Lido di Jesolo, only unlike the second Bibione is not yet so famous among Russian tourists.

    Bibione has a very convenient location: it is located on the border with the city of Veneto and adjoins another Italian resort - Lignano. This location gives guests Bibione rich opportunities for excursions to nearby cities: Venice (see its attractions with photos and descriptions here), Trieste, Lignano, Verona.

    The city is conditionally divided into two districts - Pineta and Spiaggia.

    Pineta is more like a sleeping area with quiet pedestrian streets and squares. Most of the hotels and hotels are concentrated here.

    And here is the other part - Spyadzha - can be called a tourist area: here luxury hotels are adjacent to shopping centers, entertainment complexes and discos.

    The beaches in Bibione are sandy, a very wide coastal strip as if created for a beach holiday. It is noteworthy that initially the beach strip was pebble. But thanks to two rivers - Bazelege and Tagliamento, which surrounded the city and applied sand to the shore with their currents, a wide (almost 400 meters) eight-kilometer strip of clear sand was formed.

    On this map you can see all of Bibione (Italy), and below in this article you will also find photos of its main attractions.

    The climate in the resort is typically Mediterranean - with mild rainy winters and non-hot weather in summer.

    Despite the fact that rainy days occur mainly in the winter months, rainfall is still rare and not so long - there are no prolonged rains on the coast. The average temperature in the winter months is + 5-7 degrees.

    Spring in Bibion, although warm, is rather windy.. Air temperature on average is around +15 degrees.

    In summer, the most blessed time comes. Air temperature does not rise above +30 (average temperature + 26-27 degrees). Due to the fact that the entry into the water is gentle and the beaches near the shore are rather shallow, the water warms up quite quickly and cools down only by the middle of October.

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    What to do in the city?

    First of all, the city of Bibione famous for its thermal springs. Local water has a bicarbonate-sodium composition, with a high content of fluorine, which is very good for health.

    The most popular wellness center is Bibione Terme.. Those who wish can undergo a course of thalassotherapy, visit balneological procedures, mud therapy, physiotherapy, and cosmetology procedures. Each treatment course is developed for each client individually.

    Those who prefer an active lifestyle, in Bibion ​​will also have something to do. For example, you can visit riding school "Barbuio" (ordering horseback riding - call +39 0431 43500), play tennis on the outdoor tennis courts or devote time to active pastime on the beaches (diving, yachting or boat riding, water skiing).

    Sights and interesting places

    Town not too rich in historical or architectural sightsbut there are still many interesting places to visit.

      The main attraction of Bibione is the city beaches.

    The cleanest sand, even rows of sun loungers and umbrellas, rental of water equipment, equipped playgrounds for young tourists are local beaches. Wi-Fi is available on the beach, its cost is 5 euros per hour.

    Umbrellas and sun loungers are free only on municipal beaches, and on the beach areas owned by hotels, they will have to pay 15 euros (for 2 deck chairs and an umbrella).

    There is also a “dog beach” in the city, this is the name given to Pluto beach.

    Dog owners or tourists who come to rest with their four-legged pets can relax on Pluto beach with their pets. In addition to traditional sun loungers and parasols vacationers can take a dog hygiene mat and a pack of dog food.

    On Thursdays you can visit special "dog school". True, dogs with vaccination certificates and a sewn microchip have access to such a beach. The beach works from May to September, while the high season lasts.

    Not far from the "dog" beach there is another interesting place - Bibione Lighthouse.

    This lighthouse is now inoperative, but it has not become less interesting for tourists who prefer to walk near the lighthouse and arrange photo sessions in the “marine” style.

    Valgrande Valley - a kind of man-made reserve.

    It was formed at the direction of the nobleman Antonio de Molina, who ordered to flood the lowlands of Valgranda, turning it into a huge reservoir. Gradually, the fishing grounds improved until Valgrande turned from a conventional fisheries into a nature reserve. Since 2008, it is open for tourists.

    Lunapark "Adriatica" will give pleasure to the young guests of the Italian resort.

    With children you can visit and Gulliverlandia theme park in the nearby town of Lignano - More than 40 attractions and entertainment for every taste. In Lignano, children will enjoy a visit to the Punto Verde Zoo (more than 2,000 species of animals).

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Shopping lovers will be interested in taking a walk along the main shopping street of the city - Via Orsa Maggiore. Here are the main shops, boutiques and shopping centers of Bibione. And you can relax with a cup of coffee in any of the many cafes and restaurants located on this street.

You can feel the color of the city by visiting the local market, which is starting its work. every Tuesday in the morning. On the largest city square, trade in a wide variety of goods is unfolding.

Where to eat?

Typically Italian-style trattorias, most restaurants and cafes located in the lively area of ​​Spiaggia. Ai Casoni restaurant has a good wine list, and lobster soup is the most popular of the dishes.

Restaurant “Profumo di Mare” is famous for its freshest seafood, in “Ristorante Pizzeria La Fontana” you can enjoy delicious pizza with all kinds of toppings, and lovers of romantic dinners should visit the “Primoamore”.

The average bill for a dinner for two in an Italian restaurant is 15-20 euros (excluding alcohol).

A lot of restaurants with live music. Music in general sounds everywhere in Bibione - but she is not intrusive and very pleasant.


In the town about 200 hotels of various classes and levels of service. When choosing a hotel, you can focus on special sites that make up hotel ratings and choose an acceptable option for accommodation, focusing on any parameters: type of food, availability of a kids club, and an assortment of additional services.

Despite the fact that the resort is considered to be elite, the price of living in it is quite liberal. The hotel staff speak German, English, French, there are Russian-speaking staff.

The most prestigious hotels are located on the coast in the Spiaggia quarter, but there are not so many five-star hotels in the city. Most hotels in the city are categorized as 3 and 4 stars (cost of living in 3 * hotels - from 2390 rubles, and in 4 * - from 3700 rubles) However, this does not mean a low level of service or lack of amenities.

The most rated and popular hotels include:

    Savoy Beach 5 *

Hotel Ambassador 4 *

Hotel Bibione Palace 4 *

Hotel Villa Angelina 3 *

If you intend to relax with children, then you need to be asked when booking whether there are children's pools and playgrounds in the hotel, whether babysitting on call is possible. Some hotels have water parks or pools with slides. The best hotels for families with children:

    Grand Hotel Esplanada 4 *

Holiday ApartHotel 4 *

You can also consider this option of living in Bibione, as apartments, recreation centers and campsiteslocated in the suburbs of this Italian resort (the cost of living is from 1860 rubles per day):

    Villa graziano

Bosco Canoro West Bibione Residence

How to get there?

The largest airport closest to Bibione is in Venice (Marco Polo, more about it here). You can fly there by Alitalia or Brussels, and take a taxi from the airport or take a bus (travel time - 1.5 hours).

You can get to Bibione from the city of Trieste. Regular bus leaves from Trieste bus station towards the resort. The path to the resort will also take about an hour and a half.

Typically Italian resort, saturated with romance, the smell of the sea and the scents of flowers - so it is remembered by tourists. Carefree pastime and fascinating coloring of Italy - rest in Bibion ​​gives its guests only positive feelings.

Lunapark "Adriatic"

Attractions Bibione mostly of natural origin.

In particular, pay attention to the thermal wells in the north of the Bibion ​​Lagoon (also known as Valgranda). These wells are located at a depth of about 500 meters, they were formed approximately in the epic of Paleozoic or Mesozoic.

Other interesting sights of Bibione are magnificent rivers and forest lakes. At the same time, Bibione literally drowns in a pine forest, which almost goes down to the sea. Be sure to go for a walk in the countryside - you won’t regret it!

The streets of the town of Bibione are also of interest: they are all on a selection - winding, neat, as if descended from the pages of magic books. There are a lot of all kinds of souvenir shops, cafes. In general, the city has a special flavor of the provincial Italian settlements, which can only be felt when you are in a similar resort.