What do you pay attention to when you are planning to book a room? Probably at its cost. Unfortunately, not every one of us can reject this selection criterion. As a rule, our budget is limited, so you have to fit into the existing framework. But for any budget, you can choose many accommodation options, the main thing is to understand what the total cost is made of, what additional services and options are included in it.

There are parameters on which it is not worth saving, but there are those that can be sacrificed. For example, if you don’t have a car, then the presence of parking will not be your hotel’s advantage, the same can be said about some cable TV, SPA procedures, or a pool, if you come to see the main attractions, and not spending time at the hotel.

But the convenient location of the hotel may well become a significant selection criterion. But the concept of "convenient location" is quite abstract, it all depends on the purpose of the trip. For example, if you came to St. Petersburg to study the city from the point of view of history and culture, it is best to choose a hotel that would be located in the historical part of the city, for example, near Nevsky Prospekt. A good option would be the Stony Island Hotel on 45 Kamennoostrovsky Prospect. Not only Nevsky Prospect itself, but Palace Square with the famous Alexander Column and the Winter Palace, Kazan Cathedral, St. Isaac's Cathedral, and the Spas Museum will be within walking distance. on blood ”and many other historical buildings. Fans of shopping will find the Big Gostiny Dvor and the bustling Sennaya Square.

If you came to St. Petersburg you came on business, for example, on a business trip or to an exhibition, it is best to book a hotel room near business facilities, and this will not necessarily be a center. Modern exhibition complexes are located on the outskirts of the city, so getting to them from the center will be not only long, but also inconvenient, especially for those who are not so familiar with the city. In this case, it is better to choose a room for an hour, which is located in an area with good transport accessibility.

The easiest way to choose a hotel is for those who know exactly what they want to see, because then the search can be narrowed as much as possible. But, as a rule, this is an option for those who have already been to St. Petersburg more than once.

What sights are convenient to live near?

As a rule, the first trip to St. Petersburg, as to any unfamiliar city, turns out to be rather hectic, especially when it comes to a tourist trip as part of an excursion group. Such a trip should be considered as a fact-finding trip only, it allows you to identify those places where you should go during your next visit to the city.

But Petersburg is an unusual city, because its main attraction and its main problem are drawbridges. Perhaps you do not plan to walk at night, but everything can be. In addition, building bridges is a sight to see at least once in your life, otherwise you cannot rightfully say that you were in St. Petersburg ..

But it may well happen that you accidentally ended up on the wrong side of the Neva, for local residents this will not be a problem, since many have been through this, but an inexperienced tourist may well be at a loss. So, going on an evening or night walk, always remember which side of the river you should be at the school hour.

But the matter is not only in bridges. In St. Petersburg there are a lot of attractions, “formal” and “informal”, moreover, their number is constantly growing, because local craftsmen create them with their own hands. For example, graffiti courtyards, mosaics or sculptures appear, hiding in the most unexpected places ...

Therefore, it is better not to try to see everything at once, but to study the city by district. All sorts of forums and thematic communities about St. Petersburg, where people share their “finds” with each other, will help to make a route.

An excellent base for research can be the Petrograd side, on which the Peter and Paul Fortress is located. Only on it you can safely give the whole day. And although the territory of the fortress itself is not so large, but there are interesting museums on it, concerning both the history of the fortress itself and the history of the development of Russian culture. And if you're lucky, then you can get to some kind of historical festival or festivities that periodically take place on the territory of the Peter and Paul Fortress.

But that is far from all. Near the metro stations Gorkovskaya and Petrogradskaya there are many other interesting places that are suitable, including for family trips. For example, you can go to the zoo, artillery museum, planetarium, see Petersburg in miniature, study the composition “mini-city” or take a walk to the legendary cruiser “Aurora”. Heading towards the "Petrograd", you can walk to the Botanical Garden, passing several interesting squares along the road.

This is definitely not a one-day walk. The evening can be spent in the theater, there are also several of them on the Petrograd side, and their repertoire is from classical to modern. Fans of clubs will also not be bored. But in order to be able to return to the hotel at any time, you need to choose a hotel that will be located nearby and, as we have already found out, on the same side of the Neva.

There is no shortage of offers, you can stay at one of the StonyAyland Hotel chain hotels located on 45 Kamennoostrovsky Ave. It is very close to the Petrogradskaya metro station and the Botanical Garden. The proximity to the metro will allow you to quickly and easily move to any part of the city to expand your route map.

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